Table of Contents (Volume 20, 2019)
Shapeev V.P. and Vorozhtsov E.V. 1-11
A P-version of the collocation method for solving the Fredholm integral equations of the second kind in the Mathematica environment
Asfandiyarov D.G. 12-20
Artificial boundary conditions for the ILES modeling of plane channel flow using the Cabaret scheme
Vshivkov V.A., Vshivkova L.V., and Dudnikova G.I. 21-28
An algorithm to identify the structure of electromagnetic fields
Kraeva Ya.A. and Zymbler M.L. 29-44
The use of MPI and OpenMP technologies for subsequence similarity search in very long time series on a computer cluster system with nodes based on the Intel Xeon Phi Knights Landing many-core processor
Solovjev A.V. and Danilin A.V. 45-53
Using the Sharp scheme of higher-order accuracy for solving some nonlinear hyperbolic systems of equations
Kondratiev V.S., Semenov A.A., and Zaikin O.S. 54-66
Duplicates of conflict clauses in CDCL derivation and their usage to invert some cryptographic functions
Stupakov I.M., Royak M.E., Kondratyeva N.S., Zelenskiy A.V., and Vinokurov N.A. 67-74
Taking account of the hysteresis effects in the calculation of eddy currents
Chaplygin A.V., Diansky N.A., and Gusev A.V. 75-87
Load balancing using Hilbert space-filling curves for parallel shallow water simulations
Grachev D.A., Elistratov S.A., and Mikhailov E.A. 88-96
Statistical moments and multipoint magnetic field correlators in a galactic dynamo model with random turbulent diffusion
Grachev D.A., Elistratov S.A., and Mikhailov E.A. 88-96
Statistical moments and multipoint magnetic field correlators in a galactic dynamo model with random turbulent diffusion
Arushanyan O.B. and Zaletkin S.F. 97-103
An implementation of the Chebyshev series method for the approximate analytical solution of second-order ordinary differential equations
Rechkalov T.V. and Zymbler M.L. 104-115
A parallel data clustering algorithm for Intel MIC accelerators
Krivovichev G.V. and Mashchinskaya M.P. 116-127
Stability analysis of the implicit finite-difference-based upwind lattice Boltzmann schemes
Genrikh E.A. and Boronina M.A. 128-137
A two-dimensional hybrid model of an open plasma trap
Sadin D.V. and Davidchuk V.A. 138-146
Comparison of a modified large-particle method with some high resolution schemes. One-dimensional test problems
Martynenko S.I. 147-169
Numerical methods for black box software
Sukhinov A.I., Chistyakov A.E., and Protsenko E.A. 170-181
Upwind and standard leapfrog difference schemes
Voevodin V.V. 182-191
A comprehensive analysis of performance quality of large supercomputer complexes
Antonov A.S. 192-198
Representation of algorithmic approaches in the AlgoWiki electronic encyclopedia
Leonenkov S.N. 199-210
Target optimization of a supercomputer task flow
Zymbler M.L. 211-223
A parallel discord discovery algorithm for time series on many-core accelerators
Andrianov A.N., Baranova T.P., Bugerya A.B., and Efimkin K.N. 224-236
Distribution of computations in hybrid computing systems when translating NORMA language programs
Bulat P.V. and Volkov K.N. 237-253
Visualization of gas dynamics discontinuities in supersonic flows using digital image processing methods
Goncharsky A.V., Kubyshkin V.A., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu. 254-269
Inverse problems of experimental data interpretation in 3D ultrasound tomography
Osipov O.V. 270-282
Spectral analysis of discrete signals with high frequency resolution
Sukhinov A.I., Chistyakov A.E., Sidoryakina V.V., and Protsenko S.V. 283-292
A difference scheme with the optimal weight for the diffusion-convection equation
Poroshyna Ya.E. and Utkin P.S. 293-308
Numerical simulation of detonation wave propagation using a two-stage kinetics model of chemical reactions in the shock-attached frame
Elesin V.V., Sidorenko D.A., and Utkin P.S. 309-322
A Cartesian grid method for the three-dimensional numerical simulation of shock wave propagation in complex-shape domains with moving boundaries
Vasilchenko V.A., Korpusov M.O., Lukyanenko D.V., and Panin A.A. 323-336
A study of self-oscillation instability in varicap-based electrical networks: analytical and numerical approaches
Sadin D.V., Belyaev B.V., and Davidchuk V.A. 337-345
Comparison of a modified large-particle method with some high resolution schemes. Two-Dimensional test problems
Afanasyev I.V., Voevodin V.V., Rudyak V.Yu., and Emelyanenko A.V. 346-355
The practice of conducting performance analysis of supercomputer applications
Asfandiyarov D.G. 356-362
Numerical modeling of turbulent flow in a plane channel on the basis of the Cabaret scheme
Lukyanenko D.V. and Melnikova A.A. 363-377
Application of asymptotic analysis methods for solving a coefficient inverse problem for a system of nonlinear singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equations with cubic nonlinearity
Lezhnev V.G. and Markovsky A.N. 378-385
Projection algorithms for calculating the Roben potential
Bormotin K.S. and Win Aung 386-395
A numerical method of optimizing the stretch forming process for the production of panels
Stepanenko V.M., Medvedev A.I., Korpushenkov I.A., Frolova N.L., and Lykosov V.N. 396-410
A river routing scheme for an Earth system model
Surovezhko A.S. and Martynenko S.I. 411-427
On optimization of technical devices based on a hierarchy of mathematical models
Kolosnitsyn A.V. 428-437
A modified simplex embedding method for solving convex optimization problems with a large amount of constraints
Martynenko S.I. 438-443
On the approximation error in the problems of conjugate convective heat transfer
Yuldashev A.V., Repin N.V., and Spele V.V. 444-456
A parallel preconditioner based on the approximation of an inverse matrix by power series for solving sparse linear systems on graphics processors
Gadylshina K.A., Khachkova T.S., and Lisitsa V.V. 457-470
Numerical modeling of chemical interaction between a fluid and rocks
Kochikov I.V., Lagutin Yu.S., Lagutina A.A., Lukyanenko D.V., Tikhonravov A.V., and Yagola A.G. 471-480
A nonlocal algorithm for analyzing the data of monochromatic optical control in the process of multilayer coating deposition
Danilin A.V. and Solovjev A.V. 481-488
A modification of the CABARET scheme for resolving the sound points in gas flows
Sadin D.V. 489-497
Application of a hybrid large-particle method for calculating multicomponent gas mixture flows
Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., Tsvetkov A.I., and Chernyshov P.S. 498-515
Mechanisms of generation and noise sources of supersonic jets and the numerical simulation of their gas dynamic and aeroacoustic characteristics
Kaporin I.E. and Milyukova O.Yu. 516-527
MPI+OpenMP implementation of the BiCGStab method with explicit preconditioning for the numerical solution of sparse linear systems