"A numerical method for solving the Oseen-type problem in an L-shaped domain"
Rukavishnikov A.V.

In this paper we introduce the notion of an Rν-generalized solution to the Oseen-type problem in rotation form in a polygonal domain with a reentrant obtuse angle on its boundary. We propose a weighted finite element method to solve this problem approximately. A number of numerical experiments performed on a model problem in an L-shaped domain show the advantages of the proposed method.

Keywords: Oseen problem with singularity, weighted finite element method.

  • Rukavishnikov A.V. – Khabarovsk Division of Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences; Ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo, 54, Khabarovsk, 680000, Russia; Ph.D., Leading Scientist, e-mail: 78321a@mail.ru