Table of Contents (Volume 17, 2016)
Kalinin A.O. and Sokoloff D.D. 1-6
Intermittency of vector fields and natural random number generators
Gromov A.N. 7-12
Increasing the interval of convergence for a generalized Newton's method of solving nonlinear equations
Wang Y., Luk'yanenko D.V., and Yagola A.G. 13-20
Regularized inversion of full tensor magnetic gradient data
Vorozhtsov E.V. 21-43
Construction of third-order schemes using Lagrange-Burmann expansions for the numerical integration of inviscid gas equations
Kireev I.V. 44-54
An orthogonal power method of solving the partial eigenproblem for a symmetric nonnegative definite matrix
Evstigneev N.M. and Ryabkov O.I. 55-64
Application of multiGPU+CPU architecture for the direct numerical simulation of laminar-turbulent transition
Klimonov I.A., Korneev V.D., and Sveshnikov V.M. 65-71
Parallelization technologies for solving three-dimensional boundary value problems on quasi-structured grids using the CPU+GPU hybrid computing environment
Volokhov V.M., Martynenko S.I., Toktaliev P.D., Yanovskiy L.S., and Volokhov A.V. 72-80
New approaches to the development of highly efficient parallel algorithms for numerical solution of boundary value problems on structured grids
Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., Teterina I.V., and Yakovchuk M.S. 81-100
Methods and concepts of vortex flow visualization in the problems of computational fluid dynamics
Barkalov K.A., Lebedev I.G., Sovrasov V.V., and Sysoyev A.V. 101-110
Implementation of a parallel algorithm for searching the global extremum of a function on Intel Xeon Phi
Levin I.I., Dordopulo A.I., Doronchenko Yu.I., Raskladkin M.K., and Fedorov A.M. 111-120
A reconfigurable computer system based on FPGAs with liquid cooling
Arushanyan O.B. and Zaletkin S.F. 121-131
Approximate solution of the Cauchy problem for ordinary differential equations by the method of Chebyshev series
Gurieva Y.L., Il'in V.P., and Perevozkin D.V. 132-146
Algebraic-geometric and information structures of domain decomposition methods
Podryga V.O. and Polyakov S.V. 147-165
Parallel implementation of multiscale approach to the numerical study of gas microflows
Goloviznin V.M., Solovjev A.V., and Isakov V.A. 166-176
An approximation algorithm for the treatment of sound points in the CABARET scheme
Kazakov A.L., Lempert A.A., and Nguyen H.L. 177-188
An algorithm of packing congruent circles in a multiply connected set with non-Euclidean metrics
Logachev K.I., Averkova O.A., Logachev A.K., Tolmacheva E.I., and Gorlov A.S. 189-196
A method of numerical simulation of flow separation at the inlet of a circular thin-walled pipe
Kalinovskii I.A. and Spitsyn V.G. 197-203
Application of polynomial transforms for fast 2D convolutions
Valeev N.F., Martynova Yu.V., and Sultanaev Ya.T. 204-211
Solution of a model inverse spectral problem for the Sturm-Liouville operator on a graph
Krivovichev G.V. and Marnopolskaya E.S. 212-223
Study of properties of a finite-difference scheme for the advection stage implementation in the lattice Boltzmann method
Seredkin A.V. and Tokarev M.P. 224-233
Image processing algorithms for a light-field camera and their application for optical flow diagnostics
Fedorov A.A. and Bykov A.N. 234-244
A method of two-level parallelization of the Thomas algorithm for solving tridiagonal linear systems on hybrid computers with multicore coprocessors
Bulat P.V., Volkov K.N., and Yakovchuk M.S. 245-257
Flow visualization with strong and weak gas dynamic discontinuities in computational fluid dynamics
Bormotin K.S., Belykh S.V., and Win Aung 258-267
Mathematical modeling of inverse multipoint forming problems in the creep mode using a reconfigurable tool
Petukhov A.A., Bogolyubov A.N., and Trubetskov M.K. 268-279
Hybrid methods for modeling waveguides containing local inhomogeneous insets of multilayer structure
Gol'dman N.L. 280-290
Some control and inverse problems for linear parabolic equations
Glasko Yu.V. 291-298
2D and 3D algorithms of introcontinuation
Ivanov D.A. 299-308
Increasing regularity of generalized solutions to the wave equation for computing optimal boundary controls
Efimova E.S. 309-317
A study of coupling between viscoelastic parameters using the singular value decomposition analysis
Kurnosov M.G. 318-328
Analysis and optimization of a k-chain reduction algorithm for distributed computer systems
Sentyabov A.V., Gavrilov A.A., Krivov M.A., Dekterev A.A., and Pritula M.N. 329-338
Efficiency analysis of hydrodynamic calculations on GPU and CPU clusters
Stoyanovskaya O.P. 339-352
Numerical simulation of gravitational instability development and clump formation in massive circumstellar disks using integral characteristics for the interpretation of results
Sidorenko D.A. and Utkin P.S. 353-364
A Cartesian grid method for the numerical modeling of shock wave propagation in domains of complex shape
Snytnikov V.N. and Stoyanovskaya O.P. 365-379
On the correctness of numerical simulation of gravitational instability with the evolution of multiple gravitational collapses
Mihienkova E.I., Filimonov S.A., and Dekterev A.A. 380-392
A hybrid algorithm for the joint calculation of multiscale hydraulic problems with consideration of thermal processes
Goloviznin V.M., Gorbachev D.Yu., Kolokolnikov A.M., Maiorov P.A., Maiorov P.A., and Tlepsuk B.A. 393-401
Time reversibility and stream correction in the CABARET scheme for the two-dimensional equation of convective transport
Goloviznin V.M., Gorbachev D.Yu., Kolokolnikov A.M., Maiorov P.A., Maiorov P.A., and Tlepsuk B.A. 402-414
Implicit and time reversible CABARET schemes for quasilinear shallow water equations
Goncharsky A.A. and Serezhnikov S.Yu. 415-424
On a problem of the synthesis of binary nano-optical elements
Lisitsin D.A. and Dovgilovich L.E. 425-436
Frequency dependence simulation of electromagnetic characteristics for saturated porous media
Luk'yanenko D.V. and Panin A.A. 437-446
Blow-up phenomena in the model of a space charge stratification in semiconductors: numerical analysis of original equation reduction to a differential-algebraic system
Mikhailov E.A. and Pushkarev V.V. 447-454
Fluctuations of the turbulent diffusion coefficient in galaxy dynamo equations
Grigor'ev F.V., Sulimov V.B., and Tikhonravov A.V. 455-459
Surface roughness of thin film atomistic nanometer-size clusters
Setukha A.V. and Fetisov S.N. 460-473
Peculiarities of the boundary integral equation method in the problem of electromagnetic wave scattering on ideally conducting bodies of small thickness
Paradezhenko G.V., Melnikov N.B., and Reser B.I. 474-486
Spin-density correlator and its Fourier transform in the dynamic spin-fluctuation theory
Gadylshin K.G., Neklyudov D.A., and Silvestrov I.Yu. 487-499
Near surface reconstruction using the full waveform inversion method: a resolution analysis
Semisalov B.V. 500-522
A fast nonlocal algorithm for solving Neumann-Dirichlet boundary value problems with error control