Table of Contents (Volume 16, 2015)
Tanana V.P. and Sidikova A.I. 1-9
An error estimate of a regularizing algorithm based of the generalized residual principle when solving integral equations
Krivovichev G.V. and Voskoboinikova E.V. 10-17
Application of predictor-corrector finite-difference-based schemes in the lattice Boltzmann method
Danilin A.V. and Solovjev A.V. 18-25
A modification of the CABARET scheme for the computation of multicomponent gaseous flows
Dudarenko M.A. 26-38
Regularization of multilingual topic models
Snytnikov N.V. 39-51
A parallel algorithm for solving 2D Poisson's equation in the context of nonstationary problems
Stoyanovskaya O.P., Snytnikov N.V., and Snytnikov V.N. 52-60
An algorithm for solving transient problems of gravitational gas dynamics: a combination of the SPH method with a grid method of gravitational potential computation
Bogachkova I.A., Zaikin O.S., Kochemazov S.E., Otpushchennikov I.V., Semenov A.A., and Khamisov O.O. 61-77
Problems of search for collisions of cryptographic hash functions of the MD family as variants of Boolean satisfiability problem
Arushanyan I.O. 78-85
Application of the boundary integral equation method to numerical solution of Dirichlet's boundary value problem in the elasticity theory on polygons
Nedozhogin N.S., Kopysov S.P., and Novikov A.K. 86-93
Parallel forming of preconditioners based on the approximation of the Sherman-Morrison inversion formula
Snytnikov N.V. 94-98
Domain decomposition based on a direct method for solving the three-dimensional Poisson's equation in nonstationary astrophysical problems
Voevodin Vl.V. 99-111
An open AlgoWiki encyclopedia of algorithmic features: from mobile to extreme scales
Melnikova L.A. and Rozenberg V.L. 112-122
A stochastic modification of the spherical block-and-fault model of lithosphere dynamics and seismicity
Podryga V.O., Polyakov S.V., and Puzyrkov D.V. 123-138
Supercomputer molecular modeling of thermodynamic equilibrium in gas-metal microsystems
Berendeev E.A., Vshivkov V.A., Efimova A.A., and Mesyats E.A. 139-145
Numerical simulation of the turbulence development at interaction of an electron beam with plasma
Gurieva Y.L. and Il'in V.P. 146-154
On acceleration technologies of parallel decomposition methods
Akimova E.N., Misilov V.E., Skurydina A.F., and Tret'yakov A.I. 155-164
Gradient methods for solving inverse gravimetry and magnetometry problems on the Uran supercomputer
Grechkin-Pogrebnyakov S.R., Kuzmina K.S., and Marchevsky I.K. 165-176
An implementation of vortex methods for modeling 2D incompressible flows using the CUDA technology
Kireev S.E. 177-186
Optimization of modeling the water-oil mixture filtration in elastic porous media for clusters with Xeon Phi accelerators
Salich V.L. 187-195
A numerical study of the working process in the chamber of a thruster rocket engine based on oxygen-hydrogen fuel
Krivovichev G.V. and Mikheev S.A. 196-204
Stability study of finite-difference-based lattice Boltzmann schemes with upwind differences of high order approximation
Bikulov D.A. 205-214
An efficient implementation of the lattice Boltzmann method for hybrid supercomputers
Nokel M.A. and Loukachevitch N.V. 215-234
Topic models: adding bigrams and taking account of the similarity between unigrams and bigrams
Arushanyan O.B., Volchenskova N.I., and Zaletkin S.F. 235-241
On an approximate analytical method of solving ordinary differential equations
Pushkaryov K.V. and Koshur V.D. 242-255
A hybrid heuristic parallel method of global optimization
Sukhinov A.I., Chistyakov A.E., Semenyakina A.A., and Nikitina A.V. 256-267
A parallel implementation of sediment transport and bottom surface reconstruction problems on the basis of higher-order difference schemes
Voronin K.V. and Solovyev S.A. 268-280
Solution of the Helmholtz problem using the preconditioned low-rank approximation technique
Goncharsky A.A. and Durlevich S.R. 290-297
On a problem of the synthesis of nano-optical protection elements
Gromov A.N. 298-306
An approach for constructing one-point iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations of one variable
Kazakov A.L. and Lebedev P.D. 307-317
Algorithms of optimal packing construction for planar compact sets
Sadovskii V.M. and Chentsov E.P. 318-327
Analysis of resonant excitation of layered and block media on the basis of discrete models
Sukhinov A.I., Protsenko E.A., Chistyakov A.E., and Shreter S.A. 328-338
Comparison of computational efficiency of explicit and implicit schemes for the sediment transport problem in coastal zones
Nurislamov O.R., Lepikhin S.A., and Galimzyanov M.N. 339-347
Formation of hydrate particles in the process of gas bubble rising
Palachev I.A. 348-359
A method of redundant constraint elimination in the problem of body recovery based on support function measurements
Matveev S.A. 360-368
A parallel implementation of a fast method for solving the Smoluchowski-type kinetic equations of aggregation and fragmentation processes
Zheltkov D.A. and Tyrtyshnikov E.E. 369-375
A parallel implementation of the matrix cross approximation method
Bormotin K.S., Oleinikov A.I., and Ovcharov I.O. 376-386
Modeling of riveted assembly of wing sheathing with forward stiffeners
Lisitsa V.V. 387-406
Dispersion analysis of the discontinuous Galerkin method as applied to the equations of dynamic elasticity theory
Pirova A.Yu., Meyerov I.B., Kozinov E.A., and Lebedev S.A. 407-420
A parallel multilevel nested dissection algorithm for shared-memory computing systems
Daeva S.G. and Setukha A.V. 421-435
On the numerical solution of the Neumann boundary value problem for the Helmholtz equation using the method of hypersingular integral equations
Danilin A.V., Solovjev A.V., and Zaitsev A.M. 436-445
A modification of the CABARET scheme for numerical simulation of multicomponent gaseous flows in two-dimensional domains
Novikov E.A. 446-455
A variable structure algorithm using the (3,2)-scheme and the Fehlberg method
Dryazhenkov A.A. 456-463
A modified generalized residual method for minimization problems with errors of a known level in weakened norms
Goncharsky A.V. and Romanov S.Yu. 464-475
Iterative methods for solving inverse problems of ultrasonic tomography
Logachev K.I., Pusanok A.I., Logachev A.K., and Tolmacheva E.I. 464-475
Numerical modeling of air-jet flows under the action of an input-exhaust system
Meyerov I.B., Bastrakov S.I., Surmin I.A., Gonoskov A.A., Efimenko E.S., Bashinov A.V., Korzhimanov A.V., Larin A.V., Muraviev A.A., Rozanov A.I., and Savichev M.R. 486-500
Three-dimensional particle-in-cell plasma simulation on Intel Xeon Phi: performance optimization and case study
Gavrilov S.V. 501-506
An iterative method for determining the shape and conductivity of a homogeneous inclusion in the two-dimensional electrical impedance tomography problem
Golovchenko E.N. and Yakobovskiy M.V. 507-517
Parallel partitioning tool GridSpiderPar for large mesh decomposition
Plenkin A.V., Chernyshenko A.Yu., Chugunov V.N., and Kapyrin I.V. 518-533
Adaptive unstructured mesh generation methods for hydrogeological problems
Ivanova E.V. and Sokolinsky L.B. 534-542
Using Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors for execution of natural join on compressed data
Glinskiy B.M., Kulikov I.M., Snytnikov A.V., Chernykh I.G., and Weins D.V. 543-556
A multilevel approach to algorithm and software design for exaflops supercomputers
Ryabov G.G. and Serov V.A. 557-565
Composition of infinitary structures
Kharchenko S.A. 566-577
A parallel algorithm for the sparse QR decomposition of a rectangular upper quasi-triangular matrix with ND-type sparsity
Nikolskiy V.P. and Stegailov V.V. 578-585
Efficiency of ARM processors for classical molecular dynamics
Gadylshin K.G. and Protasov M.I. 586-594
Calculation of exact frequency-dependent rays when the solution of the Helmholtz equation is known
Marchevsky I.K. and Puzikova V.V. 595-606
Efficiency study of computation parallelization for viscous incompressible flow simulation on computing systems with shared memory by the LS-STAG method
Glinskiy B.M., Kostin V.I., Kuchin N.V., Solovyev S.A., and Cheverda V.A. 607-616
Aspects of parallel computing to solve Helmholtz equation by a direct solver with low-rank approximation and the HSS format of data storage