Table of Contents (Volume 15, 2014)
Matveev S.A., Tyrtyshnikov E.E., Smirnov A.P., and Brilliantov N.V. 1-8
A fast numerical method for solving the Smoluchowski-type kinetic equations of aggregation and fragmentation processes
Mikhalev A.Yu., Oferkin I.V., Oseledets I.V., Sulimov A.V., Tyrtyshnikov E.E., and Sulimov V.B. 9-21
Application of the multicharge approximation for large dense matrices in the framework of the polarized continuum solvent model
Zaikin O.S. and Semenov A.A. 22-35
Application of the Monte Carlo method for estimating the total time of solving the SAT problem in parallel
Demichev A.P., Ilyin V.A., Kryukov A.P., and Polyakov S.P. 36-48
Fault tolerance of small-world regular and stochastic interconnection networks
Golovina E.A., Semenov A.S., and Frolov A.S. 49-58
Performance evaluation of breadth-first search on Intel Xeon Phi
Averkova O.A., Logachev I.N., Logachev K.I., and Khodakov I.V. 59-69
Modeling of the outflow of an ideal fluid from the tank bottom
Kirillov K.A. 70-76
A probabilistic error estimate of quadrature formulas accurate for Haar polynomials
Bormotin K.S. and Logvina V.S. 77-84
A method of iterative regularization for solving inverse problems of forming structural components
Nikitenko D.A. 85-97
Overall supercomputer performance analysis based on system monitoring data
Sadovskii V.M. and Sadovskaya O.V. 98-108
A numerical algorithm for the analysis of viscoelastic waves in the Kelvin-Voigt medium
Pisarev I.V. and Setukha A.V. 109-120
Transferring the boundary conditions to the middle surface for the numerical solution of a boundary value problem in the linear wing theory
Demyanko K.V. and Nechepurenko Yu.M. 121-129
Bi-Newton's method for computing spectral projectors
Gol'dman N.L. 130-142
Application of the duality principle in inverse problems for parabolic equations with unknown right-hand sides
Galanin M.P., Lukin V.V., and Shapovalov K.L. 143-153
Modeling of magnetorotational instability evolution using a parallel RKDG algorithm for the magnetohydrodynamic system of equations
Fursov V.A., Goshin E.V., and Kotov A.P. 154-161
Parallel CUDA implementation of a stereo matching algorithm
Dyachenko S.V. 162-182
Development of a software package for 3D modeling of multiphase multicomponent flows in nuclear power engineering
Volkov K.N., Deryugin Yu.N., Emelyanov V.N., Kozelkov A.S., and Teterina I.V. 183-200
An algebraic multigrid method in problems of computational physics
Popov A.M., Grishanin A.A., Nikishin N.G., and Shumkin G.N. 201-210
Simulation of a molecular structure formation as a result of thermal disruption in amorphous carbon
Krivovichev G.V. and Mikheev S.A. 211-221
Stability of three-layer finite difference-based lattice Boltzmann schemes
Bormotin K.S. 222-228
A numerical method for solving inverse forming problems in the creep mode
Kharyuk P.V. and Оseledets I.V. 229-238
WTT decomposition for the compression of array's families and its application to image processing
Itkulova Yu.A., Abramova O.A., Gumerov N.A., and Akhatov I.Sh. 239-257
Simulation of bubble dynamics in three-dimensional potential flows on heterogeneous computing systems using the fast multipole and boundary element methods
Katkova E.V., Oferkin I.V., and Sulimov V.B. 258-273
Application of the PM7 quantum chemical semi-empirical method to the development of new urokinase inhibitors
Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu. 274-285
Problems of limited-data wave tomography
Firsov D.K. 286-303
Stability of explicit schemes for solving Maxwell's equations by high-order finite volume methods
Ivanov B.N. 304-316
Generation of cycles of map cells for a simple planar graph
Kupershtokh A.L., Medvedev D.A., and Gribanov I.I. 317-328
Modeling of thermal flows in a medium with phase transitions using the lattice Boltzmann method
Gavrilov S.V. 329-336
Numerical conditioning analysis of two-dimensional problems in electrical impedance tomography
Baranov A.A. and Permyakov M.S. 337-350
Analysis of accuracy and computational efficiency of the contour advection method for the barotropic vorticity equation
Mikhailov E.A. and Modyaev I.I. 351-358
Galactic dynamo equations with random coefficients
Bakushinsky A.B. and Leonov A.S. 359-369
New a posteriori error estimates for approximate solutions to iregular operator equations
Ivanov B.N. 370-382
A geometric approach to solving the problem of tracking cyclones and anticyclones
Pavel'chak I.A. 383-387
Numerical analysis of the FitzHugh-Nagumo model in a three-dimensional domain
Karpov A.N., Zverev A.V., Nastovjak A.G., Usenkov S.V., and Shwartz N.L. 388-399
A lattice Monte Carlo model for nanostructure formation analysis
Rusakov A.S. and Sheblaev M.V. 400-410
Optimization of a partitioning algorithm for a hypergraph with arbitrary weights of vertices
Morozov V.A., Markovskiy A.N., and Lezhnev V.G. 411-416
To the inverse heat conduction problem
Arushanyan I.O. 417-426
An exponentially convergent method for solving boundary integral equations on polygons
Bolotnova R.Kh. and Agisheva U.O. 427-440
Spatial modeling of water foam dynamics with moving Lagrangian grids under shock wave impact
Solovyev S.A. 441-460
Application of the low-rank approximation technique in the Gauss elimination method for sparse linear systems
Melnikov N.B. and Paradezhenko G.V. 461-475
A renormalized Gaussian approximation in the spin-fluctuation theory
Zaitseva A.F. and Lisitsa V.V. 476-486
Influence of perturbations in transmission conditions on the convergence of the domain decomposition method for the Helmholtz equation
Grigoriev O.A. and Klyushnev N.V. 487-498
Application of a numerical-analytical method of conformal mapping to mesh generation in a channel with riblets
Gadylshin K.G. and Tcheverda V.A. 499-513
Nonlinear least-squares full waveform inversion: SVD analysis
Neklyudov D.A., Silvestrov I.Yu., and Tcheverda V.A. 514-529
A 3D Helmholtz iterative solver with a semi-analytical preconditioner for acoustic wavefield modeling in seismic exploration problems
Surmin I.A., Bastrakov S.I., Gonoskov A.A., Efimenko E.S., and Meyerov I.B. 530-536
Particle-in-cell plasma simulation using Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors
Frolov A.A. and Chizhonkov E.V. 537-548
Relativistic breaking effect of electron oscillations in a plasma slab
Bondar Ye.A., Gimelshein S.F., Molchanova A.N., and Ivanov M.S. 549-559
VV-exchange in direct Monte Carlo simulation of rarefied gas flows
Voevodin Vad.V. and Stefanov K.S. 560-568
Automatic detection and description of supercomputer network infrastructure
Karpukhin S.A. 569-578
Complexity of geometric optimization by rasterization of Minkowski sums
Sidnev A.A. and Gergel V.P. 579-592
Automatic selection of the fastest algorithm implementations
Kostenetskiy P.S. and Besedin K.Yu. 593-601
Efficiency evaluation of some compression methods for data transfer between main memory and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors
Zhukov K.A. and Popov A.V. 602-609
A projection-difference scheme for the unsteady motion of a viscous barotropic gas
Sukhinov A.I., Chistyakov A.E., and Protsenko E.A. 610-620
Sediment transport mathematical modeling in a coastal zone using multiprocessor computing systems
Baranov A.A. and Permyakov M.S. 621-630
A contour-advective semi-Lagrangian numerical algorithm for the problem of interaction between a vortex and an isolated topographic feature on a β-plane
Isupov K.S. and Maltsev A.N. 631-643
A parallel-processing-oriented method for the representation of multi-digit floating-point numbers
Zakharov A.M., Senin D.S., and Grachev E.A. 644-657
Flow simulation by the lattice Boltzmann method with multiple-relaxation times
Stadnichenko O.A., Snytnikov V.N., and Snytnikov Vl.N. 658-668
Mathematical modeling of multicomponent gas flows with energy intensive chemical processes by the example of ethane pyrolysis
Kharyuk P.V., Оseledets I.V., and Ushakov V.L. 669-676
Compression of fMRI data using wavelet tensor train decomposition
Abubekerov M.K. and Gostev N.Yu. 677-684
A probabilistic relation between the error estimates of physical quantities obtained by different methods
Nurislamova L.F. and Gubaydullin I.M. 685-696
Reduction of detailed schemes for chemical transformations of formaldehyde and hydrogen oxidation reactions based on a sensitivity analysis of a mathematical model
Teplov A.M. 697-711
An approach to the comparison of parallel program scalability
Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., and Pustovalov A.V. 712-725
Supersonic flows of an inviscid compressible gas in aerodynamic windows of gas lasers
Pickalov V.V. 726-731
Subpixel smoothing by floating grids for ring artifact reduction in fan-beam tomography