Table of Contents (Volume 14, 2013)

Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Krivovichev G.V. 1-8
Stability of finite-difference-based lattice Boltzmann schemes
Vasilyev I.L., Ushakov A.V. 9-16
A parallel implementation of the subgradient algorithm for maximizing the Lagrangian dual function in the p-median problem
Bilsky A.V., Lozhkin V.A., Markovich D.M., Tokarev M.P. 17-25
A maximum entropy reconstruction technique for tomographic particle image velocimetry
Gavrilov S.V. 26-30
An iterative method for solving a 3D electrical impedance tomography problem in the case of piecewise constant conductivity and several measurements on the boundary
Rybakin B.P., Egorova E.V., Stamov L.I. 31-37
Application of GPU to solving the problems of gas dynamics with consideration of chemical kinetics equations
Illarionov E.A. 38-43
Stationary distribution for the Jacobi equation with a large random curvature parameter
Vedernikova E.Yu., Kornev A.A. 44-49
The structure of a stable manifold for fully implicit schemes
Zakirov T.R., Nikiforov A.I. 50-57
Acid effect on multilayer oil reservoirs
Kokurin M.M. 58-76
Improvement of the rate of convergence estimates for some classes of difference schemes for solving an ill-posed Cauchy problem
Morozov V.A., Lezhnev V.G., Tokarev N.M. 77-81
The source control in the problem of heat conduction
Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., Karpenko A.G., Kurova I.V., Serov A.E., Smirnov P.G. 82-90
Numerical solution of fluid mechanics problems on general-purpose graphics processor units
Mashechkin I.V., Petrovskiy M.I., Tsarev D.V. 91-102
Methods of text fragment relevance estimation based on the topic model analysis in the text summarization problem
Sukhinov A.I., Nikitina A.V., Chistyakov A.E., Semenov I.S. 103-112
Mathematical modeling of the formation of suffocation conditions in shallow basins using multiprocessor computing systems
Angelov T.A. 113-122
On evaluation of codifferentials
Okladnikov I.G., Titov A.G., Shul'gina T.M., Gordov E.P., Bogomolov V.Yu., Martynova Yu.V., Syshchenko S.P., Skvortsov A.V. 123-131
A software complex for the analysis and visualization of monitoring and forecast of data on climate changes
Kirillov K.A. 132-140
On cubature formulas exact for Haar polynomials in the case of two-variable functions satisfying the general Lipschitz condition
Bormotin K.S. 141-148
An iterative method for the solution of inverse shaping problems under creep conditions
Berendeev E.A., Ivanov A.V., Lazareva G.G., Snytnikov A.V. 149-154
Supercomputer simulation of plasma electron dynamics in a magnetic trap with inverse magnetic mirrors and multipole magnetic walls
Vishnevsky D.M., Lisitsa V.N., Reshetova G.V. 155-165
Numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation in media with viscoelastic intrusions
Voronina T.A. 166-174
Application of r-solutions to reconstructing the initial tsunami waveform
Krivovichev G.V. 175-182
Stability analysis of the lattice Boltzmann schemes for solving the diffusion equation
Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., Karpenko A.G., Smirnov P.G., Teterina I.V. 183-194
Implementation of a finite volume method and calculation of flows of a viscous compressible gas on graphics processor units
Zhuravlev A.S., Zhuravlev E.S., Shabarov A.B. 195-202
Application of the three-dimensional Rapoport–Leas equation to problems of hydrocarbon secondary migration
Arushanyan O.B., Volchenskova N.I., Zaletkin S.F. 203-214
A method of solving the Cauchy problem for ordinary differential equations using Chebyshev series
Leonov A.S. 215-228
Pointwise extra-optimal regularizing algorithms
Chernyshenko A.Yu. 229-245
Generation of octree meshes with cut cells in multiple material domains
Averkova O.A., Logachev I.N., Logachev K.I., Puzanok A.I., Khodakov I.V. 246-253
Modeling of separated flow in the inlet of a circular suction channel
Novikov E.A. 254-261
An integration algorithm using the methods of Rosenbrock and Ceschino
Tikhonova M.V., Ryabov V.V., Spivak S.I., Gybaidullin I.M. 262-268
Parallel constrained global optimization for mathematical modeling of chemical reaction kinetics
Kopysov S.P., Kuzmin I.M., Tonkov L.E. 269-278
Methods of mesh deformation for FSI problems
Zheltkov D.A., Oferkin I.V., Katkova E.V., Sulimov A.V., Sulimov V.B., Tyrtyshnikov E.E. 279-291
TTDock: a docking method based on tensor train decompositions
Zheltkov D.A., Tyrtyshnikov E.E. 292-294
Virtual dimensions in the docking method based on tensor train decompositions
Milyutin S.V., Frolov A.A., Chizhonkov E.V. . 295-305
Spatial modeling of breaking effects in nonlinear plasma oscillations
Shapeev V.P., VorozhtsovE.V., Isaev V.I., Idimeshev S.V. 306-322
The method of collocations and least residuals for three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations
Grigoriev F.V., Kochikov I.V., Kondakova O.A., Sulimov V.B., Tikhonravov A.V. 323-327
An algorithm of high performance modeling of optical nanocoating deposition processes
Mikhailenko K.I., Valeeva Yu.R. 328-333
Highly dispersed medium sedimentation from air under pressure forces
Volkov K.N., Derugin Yu.N., Emelyanov V.N., Karpenko A.G., Kozelkov A.S., Smirnov P.G., Teterina I.V. 334-342
Implementation of parallel calculations on graphics processor units in the LOGOS computational fluid dynamics package
Goncharsky A.A., Durlevich S.R. 343-347
A problem of synthesis of nano-optical elements for the formation of dynamic images
Snytnikova T.V., Dudnikova G.I., Vshivkov V.A. 348-356
A modification of the PIC method with adaptive mass: the interaction of a laser pulse and a plasma
Bogachev K.Yu., Bogaty A.S., Lapin A.P. 357-361
Use of graphics cards and coprocessors for solving filtration problems
Elesun A.V., Kadyrova A.Sh. 362-369
Modified two-step Levenberg-Marquardt methods in the hydraulic conductivity identification problem
Bikulov D.A., Senin D.S. 370-374
Implementation of the lattice Boltzmann method without stored distribution functions on GPU
Bogachev K.Yu., Zhabitskiy Ya.V., Klimovsky A.A., Mirgasimov A.R., Semenko A.E. 375-382
ТA three-level MPI+NUMA+Threads method for constructing parallel programs to solve hydrodynamic problems for cluster systems with multiprocessor NUMA nodes
Stanichenko M.Yu. 383-389
A finite-difference scheme for the system of atmosphere dynamics-type equations
Prudkovskiy A.G. 390-397
The dynamic map of a chromatographic system as a tool to study time-dependent processes in the high-performance liquid chromatography
Stoyanovskaya O.P., Snytnikov V.N. 398-405
Numerical modeling of meter-size solid dynamics in high density solitary areas of a massive circumstellar disc
Aparinov A.A., Setukha A.V. 406-418
Parallelization in the vortex method for solving aerodynamic problems
Butusov O.B., Zhileikin Ya.M., Kukarkin A.B., Nikifiorova O.P. 419-423
Mathematical simulation of gravitational liquid film flow on a vertical surface with fins
Ignat'ev V.K., Nikitin A.V., Yushanov S.V. 424-431
Measuring the phase shifts of quasi-harmonic signals
Sakovich R.A., Romanov A.N., Gularyan S.K., Polyak B.M., Schmakov P.A., Gostev F.E., Shelaev I.V. 432-437
The coherent control of relaxation processes in excited states of 4-dimethylaminochalkone fluorescent probe. Results of quantum chemical simulation.
Abramova O.A., Itkulova Yu.A., Gumerov N.A., Akhatov I.Sh. 438-450
Three-dimensional simulation of the dynamics of deformable droplets of an emulsion using the boundary element method and the fast multipole method on heterogeneous computing systems
Gubaidullin D.A., Osipov P.P. 451-460
Computation of two-dimensional flows using multilevel meshes
Arushanyan I.O. 461-467
A family of quadrature formulas for solving boundary integral equations
Zhang Ye, Lukyanenko D.V., Yagola A.G. 468-482
Using Lagrange principle for solving linear ill-posed problems with a priori information
Marin D.F., Malyshev V.L., Moiseeva E.F., Gumerov N.A., Akhatov I.Sh., Mikhailenko K.I. 483-495
Acceleration of molecular dynamics simulations using the fast multipole method and graphics processing units
Ryabov G.G., Serov V.A. 496-502
Diagonal constructions in an N-cube
Shpynev B.G., Voronov A.L. 503-515
Minimization of the residual functional in problems of stream experimental data processing
Popov A.V., Zhukov K.A. 516-523
An implicit finite-difference scheme for the unsteady motion of a viscous barotropic gas
Krivovichev G.V. 524-532
A lattice Boltzmann scheme for computing on unstructured meshes
Agayan G.M., Voevodin Vad.V., Rovanov S.Yu. 533-542
Applicability of stratified models for solving problems of three-dimensional ultrasonic tomography
Kulakov I.Yu., Vologin D.A., Pickalov V.V. 543-548
A multigrid algorithm for the fan-beam ROI-tomography of contrast objects

Section 2. Programming

Kurnosov M.G., Paznikov A.A. 1-10
Heuristic algorithms of mapping MPI-programs onto multicluster computer and GRID systems
Antonov A.S., Voevodin Vad.V., Zhumatii S.A., Nikitenko D.A., Stefanov K.S., Shvets P.A. 11-17
Automating the location of errors and inefficiencies in parallel programs
Ryazanov A.M., Finogenov S.A. 18-23
Parallel algorithms of solving the Poisson equation using oblique cross grids in backward-facing step domains
Korzh O.V., Andreev D.Yu., Korzh A.A., Korobkov S.V., Chernyavskiy A.Yu. 24-34
Simulation of an ideal quantum computer on a supercomputer "Lomonosov"
Drizhuk D.D., Poyda A.A., Godunov A.I. 35-42
Synchronization of gigapixel video streams on video walls
Bykov A.N., Erofeev A.M., Sizov E.A., Fedorov A.A. 43-47
A parallel sweep method for hybrid supercomputers
Andreev D.Yu., Antonov A.S., Voevodin Vad.V., Zhumatii S.A., Nikitenko D.A., Stefanov K.S., Shvets P.A. 48-53
A system for the automated finding of inefficiencies and errors in parallel programs
Chernoskutov M.A., Ermakov D.G. 54-62
Workload balancing in GPU implementation of breadth-first search
Karpukhin S.A. 63-66
A clipping method when rasterizing complex objects
Bastrakov S.I., Meyerov I.B., Surmin I.A., Gonoskov A.A., Efimenko E.S., Malyshev A.S., Shiryaev M.A. 67-74
Dynamic load balancing in the PICADOR plasma simulation code
Baranov A.A., Permyakov M.S. 75-87
An accelerated topology change algorithm for the contour advection method
Kalmykov V.V., Ibrayev R.A. 88-95
A framework for the ocean-ice-atmosphere-land coupled modeling on massively-parallel architectures
Radchenko G.I., Sokolinsky L.B., Shamakina A.V. 96-103
Models and methods for the profiling and execution time estimation of workflows in supercomputing systems
Antonov A.S., Zhumatii S.A., Nikitenko D.A., Stefanov K.S., Teplov A.M., Shvets P.A. 104-108
Examination of supercomputer system jobs flow dynamic characteristics
Druzhkov P.N. 109-114
Parallel implementation of a gradient boosted trees algorithm
Gorbunov V.S., Eisymont L.K. 115-121
Complex supercomputer benchmarking
Bogdanov P.B., Efremov A.A., Gorobets A.V., Sukov S.A. 122-134
Using a scheduler for efficient data exchange on hybrid supercomputers with massively-parallel accelerators