Table of Contents (Volume 13, 2012)

Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Popov A.V., Chizhonkov E.V. 1-13
A finite-difference scheme for computing axisymmetric plasma oscillations
Korolev Yu.M., Yagola A.G. 14-18
Error estimation in linear inverse problems with prior information
Krivovichev G.V. 19-27
Application of the integro-interpolation method to the construction of single-step lattice Boltzmann schemes
Monakhov O.G. 28-32
Optimization of trading strategies by parallel evolutionary computation on graphics processing units
Elesin A.V., Kadyrova A.Sh. 33-37
Application of heterogeneous computing systems for solving the hydraulic conductivity identification problem
Tsepaev A.V. 38-43
Application of heterogeneous computing systems for solving the problem of fluid flow by domain decomposition methods
Vshivkov V.A., Snytnikov A.V. 44-48
Peculiarities of exaflops computing in plasma physics
Wang Y., Zhang Y., Luk'yanenko D.V., Yagola A.G. 49-66
A method of restoring the restoring aerosol particle size distribution function on the set of piecewise-convex functions
Zhukov K.A., Popov A.V. 67-73
Finite-difference and projection-difference schemes for the unsteady motion of a viscous weakly compressible gas
Makarov A.A. 74-86
Knot insertion and knot removal matrices for nonpolynomial splines
Medvedik M.Yu. 87-97
Application of the subhierarchic method in electrodynamic problems
Malkov E.A., Ivanov M.S. 98-106
A scheme for evaluating the Boltzmann collision integral
Volkov K.N. 107-129
Load balancing of processors when solving the problems of fluid and gas mechanics by mesh methods
Kupershtokh A.L. 130-138
Three-dimensional simulations of two-phase liquid-vapor systems on GPU using the lattice Boltzmann method
Maikov A.R. 139-148
On approximate open boundary conditions and their performance over long time intervals
Vasil`ev F.P., Antipin A.S., Artem`eva L.A. 149-160
A regularized differential extraproximal method for finding an equilibrium in two-person saddle-point games
Muravleva L.V., Muravleva E.A. 161-171
An iterative method for computing the flows of a viscoplastic Bingham medium
Pavelchak I.A. 172-176
A numerical method of parameter reconstruction in the FitzHugh-Nagumo and Aliev-Panfilov models
Mortikov E.V. 177-191
Application of graphic processors for the numerical simulation of viscous incompressible fluid flows in domains of complex geometry by the immersed boundary method
Erokhin A.I. 192-196
Application of projection methods for studying the waveguide and resonance structures with singularities
Tamasyan G.Sh. 197-217
Methods of steepest and hypodifferential descent in one problem of calculus of variations
Illarionov E.A., Sokoloff D.D., Tutubalin V.N. 218-225
Stationary distribution of product of matrices with random coefficients
Ivanov B.N. 226-234
Solution of the optimal ship route problem in the framework of the OKEAN geoinformation system
Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Yu. 235-238
Supercomputer technologies in the development of methods for solving inverse problems in ultrasound tomography
Makarov S.S., Isaeva A.V., Grachev E.A., Serdobolskaya M.L. 239-246
Speedup of computation when solving the nonhomogeneous diffusion equation by a renormalization method
Morozov V.A. 247-252
On restoration of noisy signals by a regularization method
Tkachenko O.A., Tkachenko V.A. 253-262
Supercomputer modeling of semiconductor quantum nanosystems
Knyazkov D.Yu. 263-270
Efficient numerical methods for the analysis of electromagnetic fields
Zhukovskiy M.E., Uskov R.V. 271-279
Mathematical modeling of radiative electron emission using hybrid supercomputers
Melnikova L.A., Rozenberg V.L. 280-289
High performance computing in modeling the dynamics and seismicity of tectonic plate systems
Sukhinov A.I., Chistyakov A.E. 290-297
Parallel implementation of a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model of shallow water basins on supercomputing systems
Averkova O.A., Logachev I.N., Logachev K.I. 298-306
Modeling of flow separation at the inlet of a suction channel in regions with cuts
Voevodin Vad.V., Ovchinnikov S.L., Romanov S.Yu. 307-315
Development of high-performance scalable software for ultrasound tomography
Pinyagina O.V. 316-323
A combined method of regularization and descent along a primal gap function for solving nonsmooth monotone equilibrium problems
Kirillov K.A. 324-331
Estimates for the norm of the error functional in the spaces Sp for the weight quadrature formulas exact for Haar polynomials
Krivovichev G.V. 332-340
Investigation of the stability of explicit finite difference-based lattice Boltzmann schemes
Maslennikov E.D., Romanov A.N., Oferkin I.V., Sulimov A.V., Sulimov V.B. 341-346
Gradientless parallel geometry optimization of Bi 3+ 5   cluster and its luminescent properties
Kondakova O.A., Romanov A.N., Maslennikov E.D., Sulimov V.B. 347-351
Quantum chemical estimation of the fluoroacidity as a method to determine the conditions of subvalent bismuth stabilization in fluoride glasses
Ardelyan N.V., Sablin M.N. 352-365
Structural properties of grid operators in node implicit operator-difference schemes of two-dimensional gas dynamics on triangular grids and increasing the computational efficiency of object-oriented algorithms
Ivanov V.N. 366-376
Basic properties of an inverse iteration algorithm for solving linear systems with positive definite matrices
Stoyanovskaya O.P., Snytnikov V.N. 377-383
Numerical modeling of formation of high density solitary vortices in a circumstellar disk
Kupershtokh A.L. 384-390
Three-dimensional LBE simulations on hybrid GPU-clusters for the decay of a binary mixture of liquid dielectrics with a solute gas to a system of gas-vapor channels
Grigoriev F.V. 391-397
Calculation of molecular complexation free energy by thermodynamic integration with harmonic restrictions on atomic coordinates
Drutsa A.V. 398-408
On the convergence order of difference schemes for ocean dynamics equations
Morozov V.A., Lezhnev V.G., Tokarev N.M. 409-412
A variational problem for the biharmonic equation
Grigoriev F.V., Romanov A.N., Oferkin I.V., Sulimov A.V., Sulimov V.B. 413-423
The MEL program for the atomistic modeling of functional layers in solar cells
Povarnitsyn M.E., Zakharenkov A.S., Levashov P.R., Khishchenko K.V. 424-433
Simulation of multi-material hydrodynamic flows using adaptive mesh refinement
Grachev D.A., Zhdanov A.G. 434-439
Simple models of the weak-nonlinear stage for equations with random coefficients
Panferov S.V. 440-442
A reduced linearization method for solving problems of nonlinear optimization
Markelova T.V., Snytnikov V.N. 443-451
Simulation of planet formation in circumstellar disks
Melnikov N.B., Romanenko Yu.A. 452-464
Optimal Gaussian approximation in the Ising model
Ryabov G.G., Serov V.A. 465-470
Bijective coding in the constructive world of R n c
Feskov S.V. 471-478
Sink-algorithms for the simulation of electron transfer kinetics
Novikov E.A. 479-490
A third-order numerical method for solving nonautonomous additive stiff problems
Tikhonravov A.V., Kochikov I.V., Amotchkina T.V., Grigoriev F.V., Kondakova O.A., Sulimov V.B. 491-496
High performance modeling of modern deposition processes for optical coating nanotechnology
Babadzanjanz L.K., Bolshakov A.I. 497-510
Implementation of the Taylor series method for solving ordinary differential equations
Drutsa A.V. 511-516
A finite difference method for solving nonlinear shallow water equations on unstructured grids
Isaeva A.V., Serdobolskaya M.L. 517-524
Solving the Buckley-Leverett equation with a random coefficient of porosity
Belonosov M.A., Kostov K., Reshetova G.V., Solov'ev S.A., Cheverda V.A. 525-535
Parallel computations for the simulation of seismic waves on the basis of the additive Schwartz method
Katkova E.V. 536-550
Influence of genetic algorithm parameters on the docking efficiency with the SOL program
Izotov A,V., Belyaev B.A., Valikhanov M.M., Polenga S.V., Stefanyuk A.V. 551-558
An algorithm for calculating the equilibrium state of a ferromagnetic by the Lagrange multiplier method
Ageev M.S. 559-571
Improving document ranking based on logs of search engine users

Section 2. Programming

Osipov A.V. 1-7
The making of tools for the development of computational models for the modeling of thermohydraulic processes in nuclear reactors with a liquid-metal heat carrier
Nikitina N.N., Ivashko E.E. 8-12
Organization of quantum chemical computations using the Firefly package in a heterogeneous grid environment on the basis of the BOINC platform
Bikulov D.A., Senin D.S., Demin D.S., Dmitriev A.V., Grachev N.E 13-19
Implementation of the lattice Boltzmann method on GPU clusters
Lozhkin V.A., Lozhkin Yu.A., Tokarev M.P. 20-27
Application of high performance computing platforms to tomographic particle image velocimetry
Gubaidullin I.M., Lind Yu.B., Koledina K.F. 28-36
Parallelization technology for solving multiparameter inverse problems of chemical kinetics
Zhilyaev P.A., Stegailov V.V. 37-45
Ab initio molecular dynamics: application perspectives of multi-CPU and hybrid supercomputers
Miniakhmetov R.M., Tsymbler M.L. 46-52
Integration of Fuzzy c-Means Clustering algorithm with PostgreSQL database management system
Kashkovsky A.V., Shershnev A.A., Ivanov M.S. 53-64
Adaptation of the direct simulation Monte Carlo method for computing on GPU
Bukharov D.S., Kazakov A.L. 65-74
VIGOLT system for solving transport logistics optimization problems
Berezin S.B., Paskonov V.M., Sakharnykh N.A. 75-81
Alternating direction implicit numerical method for 3D fluid flow simulation using GPU
Grechnikov E.A., Adinets A.V. 82-89
Finding a collision for the 75-round SHA-1 hash function using clusters of GPUs
Kloss Yu.Yu., Martynov D.V. 90-96
Solving the Boltzmann kinetic equation using tetrahedral meshes on a cluster architecture
Nikitenko D.A., Stefanov K.S. 97-102
Analyzing the parallel program efficiency based on monitoring data
Elizarov G.S., Gorbunov V.S., Levin V.K., Lacis A.O., Korneev V.V., Sokolov A.A., Andryushin D.V., Klimov Yu.A. 103-109
Communication fabric MVS-Express
Abalakin I.V., Bakhvalov P.A., Gorobets A.V., Duben A.P., Kozubskaya T.K. 110-125
Parallel research code NOISEtte for large-scale CFD and CAA simulations
Adinets A.V., Bryzgalov P.A., Voevodin Vad.V., Zhumatii S.A., Nikitenko D.A., Stefanov K.S. 126-131
HOPLANG: advancement of the monitoring data stream processing language
Dordopulo A.I., Levin I.I., Gudkov V.A. 132-138
Methods for automatic determining the efficiency of implementation of application program segments written in the COLAMO language
Shchapov V.A., Masich A.G., Masich G.F. 139-145
A model of stream processing of experimental data in distributed systems
Semenov D.V., Korneev V.V. 146-152
Optimal structure of a distributed grid metasheduler
Yanushevich V.D., Zhizhin M.N., Poyda A.A., Novikov A.M. 153-159
Development of a multiscale interactive visualization algorithm for gigapixel video streams
Adinets A.V., Bryzgalov P.A., Voevodin Vad.V., Zhumatii S.A., Nikitenko D.A., Stefanov K.S. 160-166
Job Digest: an approach to dynamic analysis of job characteristics on supercomputers