Table of Contents (Volume 10, 2009)

Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Ryabov G.G. 1-8
Markov processes in the dynamics of primitive triangulations in spaces R3 and R4
Boyarchenkov A.S., Potashnikov S.I. 9-23
Molecular dynamics using graphics processors and CUDA technology
Mozhaev A.V., Prokaznikov A.V. 24-27
Potential computation in cluster growth models
Prokopeva L.Yu., Fedoruk M.P., Lebedev A.S. 28-33
A parallel algorithm of the finite-volume method for solving 3D Maxwell equations in nanocomposite media
Bogolyubov A.N., Panin A.A. 34-48
An error estimate for approximate solutions to elliptic equations with non-coercive bilinear form
Zhileikin Ya.M. 49-55
A generalization of Calderon's theorem. Discretization of continuous wavelet transforms
Belov G.V. 56-61
Application of linear programming techniques to equilibrium composition calculations for heterogeneous systems with mixtures
Safronov A.V. 62-74
Kinetic schemes for the gas dynamics equations
Mazurov P.A., Elesin A.V., Kadyrova A.Sh. 75-82
A quasi-Newton two-step method for the residual function minimization
Bogolyubov A.N., Malykh M.D., Panin A.A. 83-93
Two-sided estimates for the eigenvalues of the Laplace operator with Dirichlet boundary conditions and their application to problems in the mathematical theory of waveguides
Sukhov V.B. 94-100
On prior estimates for ocean dynamics equations and substantiation of splitting schemes
Sultanov V.G., Grigoriev D.A., Kim V.V., Lomonosov I.V., Matveichev A.V., Ostrik A.V., Shutov A.V. 101-109
FPIC3D - a parallel code for modeling the high-energy processes in condensed matter
Nikolaeva O.V., Bass L.P., Kuznetsov V.S. 110-115
Parallel algorithms of the RADUGA code for solving the transport equation via multiprocessor systems with shared memory
Vshivkov V.A., Snytnikov A.V. 116-122
Development of an efficient parallel Poisson equation solver for the simulation of protoplanetary disk evolution
Voropinov A.A. 123-131
TIM-2D fine-grain paralleling algorithms
Aksenov A.A., Dyadkin A.A., Kharchenko S.A. 132-140
A study on efficiency of algorithms for calculating the flows bounded by moving solids and free surfaces implemented in FlowVision on distributed memory computers
Il'in V.P. 141-147
The problems of high performance technologies for solving large sparse linear systems
Maikov I.L., Director L.B. 148-157
A numerical model of drop dynamics of viscous liquid
Boyarchenkov A.S., Potashnikov S.I. 158-175
Parallel molecular dynamics with Ewald summation and integration on GPU
Gol'dman N.L. 176-183
On properties of a class of coefficient inverse problems for parabolic equations with a final observation
Volkov K.N. 184-201
Speeding up the solution of coupled heat transfer problems on unstructured meshes
Feskov S.V. 202-210
Brownian simulation of electron transfer dynamics
Zotkevich A.A. 211-222
Numerical simulation of laminar flame propagation
Polyakov E.A., Vorontsov-Velyaminov P.N., Lyubartsev A.P. 223-247
Stochastic positive P-representation in problems of quantum statistics. Simulation of one-dimensional Bose-gas with delta-repulsion
Novikov E.A. 248-257
Construction of stability domains for explicit Runge-Kutta methods
Rzhanov A.G., Grigas S.E. 258-262
Determination of guided modes in multilayer dielectric waveguides
Evdokimova N.A., Lukyanenko D.V., Yagola A.G. 263-267
Application of multiprocessor systems to solving the two-dimensional convolution-type Fredholm integral equations of the first kind for vector-functions
Evstigneev N.M. 268-274
Numerical integration of Poisson's equation using a graphics processing unit with CUDA-technology
Goncharsky A.V., Ovchinnikov S.L., Romanov S.Yu. 275-280
The inverse problem of wave diagnostics of pavement
Iskakov S.N., Mazurenko V.V. 281-285
Solving the dynamical mean-field theory equation on multiprocessor systems
Goncharskii A.A. 286-289
On some synthesis problems in the flat diffractive optics for the optical wavelength range
Vashchenkov P.V., Kashkovsky A.V., Ivanov M.S. 290-299
Optimization algorithms for DSMC computations on parallel clusters
Kokurin M.Y. 300-305
On the reduction of the nonlinear inverse problem for a plane hyperbolic equation to a linear integral equation
Ilin V.P., Tribis D.Yu. 306-313
Geometric informatics of continuous medium models
Petrov D.A. 314-320
Orthogonality criteria of well-localized bases
Chadov S.N. 321-326
Implementation of a nonsymmetric linear solver on GPU
Chizhonkov E.V. 327-339
A multi-level method for solving large-scale matrix games
Ryabov G.G. 340-347
On the quaternary coding of cubic structures
Vorozhtsov E.V. 348-362
Analytical and numerical study of gas flow in a casing with a rotating disk
Tarnavsky G.A. 363-370
A mathematical simulation of implantation processes of doping donor and acceptor impurities in a silicon wafer
Averkova O.A., Zoria V.U., Logachev I.N., Logachev K.I. 371-376
To a question on modeling of dust particle flows in an aspiration chamber
Kolos I.V., Kolos M.V. 377-384
Methods of choosing a regularization parameter in the problem of linear optimal filtration
Spence I., Scott N.S., Gillan C.J. 385-388
Enabling science through emerging HPC technologies: accelerating numerical quadrature using a GPU
Rybakov Yu.P. 389-390
Special stochastic representation of quantum mechanics and solitons
Adam Gh., Adam S. 391-397
Principles of the Bayesian automatic adaptive quadrature
Slavnov D.A. 398-401
Teleportation and local reality
Zhanlav T., Chuluunbaatar O. 402-407
Convergence of a continuous analog of Newton's method for solving nonlinear equations
Kryanev A.V., Lukin G.V., Udumyan D.K. 408-414
Metric analysis and applications
Kornyak V.V. 415-421
Symmetries, gauge invariance and quantization in discrete models

Section 2. Programming

Tarasov A.G. 1-12
An expandable monitoring system for computing clusters
Shapovalov T.S., Peresvetov V.V. 13-21
A genetic scheduling algorithm for distributed heterogeneous computer systems
Stepanov S.V., Shishkin A.G. 22-33
Using the static verification tools for checking the ScopeShell system
Tarnavsky G.A., Anishchik V.S. 34-50
NanoMod toolkit for the computer-aided design of nanostructured semiconductor materials
Voronov V.Yu., Popova N.N. 51-60
Simulation of VLSI power distribution networks on a multicore platform
Kaliaev I.A., Levin I.I. 61-68
A family of reconfigurable computer systems with high real performance
Kudryavtsev M.V., Moshkin D.V., Polunin M.A., Aisymont L.K. 69-77
Evaluation of clusters with AMD Barcelona and Shanghai CPUs and Infiniband DDR and QDR interconnects
Volokhov V.M., Varlamov D.A., Pivushkov A.V., Surkov N.F., Pokatovich G.A. 78-88
GRID and computational chemistry
Petushkeev B.L. 89-95
MPI-IO application: an implementation of a mine ventilation model
Korenkov V.V., Uzhinskiy A.V. 96-106
A monitoring system of File Transfer Service (FTS) in the EGEE/WLCG Project
Kornykhin E.V. 107-116
Test data generation for core-level verification of FIFO cache memory
Druzhinin D.V. 117-122
A motion estimation algorithm for the screen video processing
Korneev V.V. 123-128
An approach to the programming of supercomputers on the basis of multicore multithreaded chips