Table of Contents (Volume 7, 2006)

Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Savostjanov D.V., Tyrtyshnikov E.E. 1-16
Application of multilevel structured matrices for the solution of direct and inverse electromagnetic problems
Gorbunov L.M., Chizhonkov E.V. 17-22
Numerical modeling of dynamics of 3D nonlinear wakefields in hydrodynamic approach
Tikhonravov A.V., Trubetskov M.K., Winfree N.A., Kang J.H. 23-35
Low-frequency approximation and the choice of optimal elastic parameters for two-layer blast protection jackets
Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Y. 36-40
A computer tomography problem in wave approximation
Sklyarenko M.S., Frick P.G., Yastrebov A.G. 41-46
Velocity field reconstruction using distributed tracers
Zhukov K.A. 47-49
A Galerkin approximation for the problem of unsteady motion of a viscous weakly compressible gas
Ishchenko S.Ya. 50-60
Evaluation of many-electron atomic integrals using a Hylleraas-type basis
Kalinina A.B. 61-68
Numerical realization of the method of functional-analytic series for projecting on a stable manifold
Volkov K.N. 69-84
Application of parallel programming tools for the solution of fluid dynamics problems on multi-processor computing systems
Reshetnyak M. and Steffen B. 85-92
Shell models in rapidly rotating dynamo systems
Yarovenko I.P. 93-104
Numerical solution of boundary value problems for the radiation transfer equation in an optical range
Morozov V.A. 105-107
On optimal methods for solving ill-posed problems
Evstigneev N.M. 108-112
A finite-volume TVD Riemann solver for the 2D shallow water equations
Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Y., Kharchenko S.A. 113-121
The inverse problem of acoustic diagnosis for three-dimensional media
Lebedeva E.A., Postnikov E.B. 122-124
Meyer's wavelet with a refined localization
Zintchenko V.A., Sadovskaya O.V., Sadovskii V.M. 125-132
A numerical algorithm and a computer system for the analysis of rheological schemes
Nurminski E.A. 133-137
A separating plane algorithm with limited memory for convex nonsmooth optimization
Goncharsky A.A., Tunitsky D.V. 138-162
The inverse problem of synthesis of optical elements for laser radiation
Bakushinsky A.B., Kokurin M.Yu., Kljuchev V.V. 163-171
A rate of convergence and error estimates for difference methods used to approximate solutions to ill-posed Cauchy problems in a Banach space
Mizeva I.A., Stepanov R.A., Frick P.G. 172-179
Wavelet crosscorrelations of two-dimensional signals
Pickalov V.V., Kazantsev D.I., Golubyatnikov V.P. 180-184
The central slice theorem generalization for a fan-beam tomography
Rastorguev I.A. 185-189
A comparison of explicit and implicit numerical methods for solving groundwater flow problems
Andramonov M.Yu. 190-194
Computing quasi-differentials and exhausters by function values
Logachev K.I., Puzanok A.I., Zorya V.Yu. 195-201
Computer modeling of air-and-coal flows in pulsating aerodynamic fields
Antipin A.S., Vasil'ev F.P., Stukalov A.S., Yachimovich M. 202-210
Newton's method for solving equilibrium problems
Volkov K.N. 211-223
Wall boundary conditions and mesh dependency of the solution for the calculations of turbulent flows on unstructured meshes
Nikiforov G.A. 224-228
Application of a control-volume method for solving the problems of two-phase filtration in "speed-saturation" variables
Baeckmann A.D. 229-235
Adjustment of lithofacial models with a modified simulated annealing algorithm
Nikolsky D.N. 236-242
Mathematical modeling of the 3D evolution problem for the interface between liquids of different viscosity and density in a uniform and infinite soil
Solodky S.G., Lebedeva E.V. 243-250
An algorithm with optimal convergence rate for solving Fredholm equations of the first kind
Mazurov P.A., Tsepaev A.V. 251-258
Parallel algorithms for solving two-phase flow problems with fine grid segments
Kolos I.V., Kolos M.V. 259-265
The approximate solution of a problem of linear optimal filtration
Zalizniak V.E. 266-272
A piecewise exponential method for the numerical simulation of wave propagation
Dolgiy D.V., Nurminski E.A. 273-277
An accelerated parallel projection method for solving the minimum length problem
Korobeynikov S.N., Reverdatto V.V., Polyansky O.P., Sverdlova V.G., Babichev A.V. 278-293
Estimation of geometric nonlinearity effect on mathematical simulation of tectonic processes
Usmanov T.S., Usmanov A.S., Usmanov S.M., Yagola A.G. 294-299
Inverse problems of formation for the molecular-weight distribution in polymerization processes
Volkov N.A., Lyubartsev A.P., Vorontsov-Velyaminov P.N. 300-309
Entropic sampling of the flexible polyelectrolyte with the Wang-Landau algorithm
Yurchenko A.A., Vorontsov-Velyaminov P.N. 310-322
Entropic sampling of freely-rotating polymer chains
Bayev A.V. 323-336
The Lagrange principle and finite-dimensional approximations in the optimal inverse problem for linear operators

Section 2. Programming

Taraskina A.S., Cheremushkin E.S. 1-5
Microarray data analysis with a fuzzy clustering algorithm
Arushanian O.B., Bogomolov N.A., Kovalev A.D. 6-18
A language for a tool set oriented to interactive processing of complex data structures
Sablin M.N. 19-29
Software implementation of algoritms for numerical solution of 2D gas dynamics operator-difference grid problems by using the C++ class system
Ivanov B.N. 30-40
Enclosure structures of equal level line fields in the gradient filling problem
Avraamova O.D., Sadovnikova E.V. 41-54
An information model of university admission campaign organization
Arkhipova M.V. 55-70
Generation of semantic analyzer tests
Vodomerov A.N. 71-78
The construction of a T-system formal model and the proof of its correctness
Akhmetbekov Ye.K., Bilsky A.V., Lozhkin Yu.A., Markovich D.M., Tokarev M.P., Tyuryushkin A.N. 79-85
Software for experiment management and processing of data obtained by digital flow visualization techniques (ActualFlow)
Samokhvalov N.A. 86-101
Updatable XML-views over relational databases
Krukov V.A., Kudryavtsev M.V. 102-110
Automated debugging of parallel programs
Kochikov I.V., Kuramshina G.M., Samkov L.M., Sharapov L.A., Sharapova S.A. 111-116
Data structuring and formalization in the hybrid database on molecular spectral constants (ISMOL)
Demakov A.V. 117-127
TreeDL: a language for description of graph structures and operations on them
Grigoriev F.V., Romanov A.N., Kondakova O.A., Luschekina S.V., Sulimov V.B. 128-136
An algorithm of assigning the force parameters to atoms of organic molecules and proteins in the framework of the MMFF94 force field
Kopyssov S.P., Novikov A.K., Ponomaryov A.B., Rychkov V.N. 137-150
A program environment for mesh generation, refinement, and partition and for construction of computational models for parallel distributed computing