Table of Contents (Volume 6, 2005)

Section 1

Kopyssov S.P., Sagdeeva Y.A. 1-8
Numerical peculiarities of the 2D wavelet-homogenization in the problems of multiresolution analysis
Nikolaeva N.N., Ruchkin S.V., Rychagov M.N., Yagola A.G. 9-16
Numerical simulation of the problem on the two-dimensional reconstruction of axisymmetric flow velocity profiles
Rukavishnikov A.V. 17-26
A numerical method for solving the Stokes problem with a discontinuous coefficient
Reshetnyak M. and Steffen B. 27-34
A dynamo model in a spherical shell
Patrickeyev I.A., Stepanov R.A., Frick P.G. 35-42
Wavelet differentiation of noisy signals
Volkov K.N. 43-60
Application of the control-volume method for the solution of problems in gas and fluid mechanics on unstructured grids
Mukha V.S., Korchyts K.S. 61-65
Horner's scheme for multidimensional-matrix polynomials
Gor'kov Yu.P. 66-70
Construction of the fundamental solution to a parabolic equation with degeneracy
Tarnavsky G.A. and Tarnavsky A.G. 71-87
Multiprocessor computer modeling in gravitational gas dynamics
Volkov V.F. and Derunov E.K. 88-98
Mathematical modeling of shock wave interaction at supersonic flight of a group of bodies
Medvedik M.Yu., Smirnov Yu.G., and Sobolev S.I. 99-108
A parallel algorithm for computing surface currents in a screen electromagnetic diffraction problem
Tikhonravov A.V. and Trubetskov M.K. 109-117
Stabilization of computational algorithms for the characterization of thin film coatings
Mazurov P.A., Gabidullina A.N., Elesin A.V., Kadyrova A.Sh. 118-127
To the location of observation points in the problems of hydraulic conductivity identification of a heterogeneous aquifer
Gol'dman N.L. 128-145
On a ˝lass of inverse problems for a quasilinear parabolic equation with a local overdetermination
Volkov K.N. 146-167
High-resolution difference schemes of flux calculation and their application for solution of gas dynamics problems
Parfenova A.S. 168-177
The matrix Green function method of solving the Poisson equation for computation of electron energy recuperator
Ivanchikov A.A. 178-193
A study of a spectral problem related to the stability of Couette flow between two rotating cylinders
Amochkina T.V. 194-208
An optical coating design algorithm based on the theory of equivalent layers
Sadovskaya O.V. and Sadovskii V.M. 209-216
Parallel implementation of an algorithm for the computation of elasto-plastic waves in a granular medium
Gubajdullin D.A., Mazurov P.A., and Tsepaev A.V. 217-225
An algorithm for solving the stationary flow equation with fine grid segments in a confined-unconfined aquifer
Sokolinsky I.M. 226-238
A synthesis of simplex and linear correction methods for linear optimization problems with unformalized restrictions
Davitashvili T.D., Meladze H.V., Sahakyan V.G., Tsereteli P.A. 239-248
An iterative method for solving a boundary value problem for a system of first-order ordinary differential equations with parameter for cluster computing systems
Zotyev D.V., Usmanov S.M., Shakir'yanov E.D., Yagola A.G. 249-252
Solution of the inverse problem of self-diffusion in composite polymeric systems in the presence of information given a priori
Patrickeyev I.A., Mashnich G.P., Khlystova A.I., Zhang H. 253-256
Correction of solar dopplergrams' large-scale flatfield
Agayan A.V., Agayan G.M., Romanov S.Yu. 257-261
A method of red-eye effect recognition in digital photography
Morozov P.E., Khairullin M.Kh., Shamsiev M.N. 262-268
Numerical solution of direct and inverse problems for fluid filtration toward a horizontal well
Volkov K.N. 269-282
An implementation of the splitting scheme on staggered grids for computing nonstationary flows of viscous incompressible fluid
Kolos I.V., Kolos M.V. 283-289
Approximate solution of a generalized boundary value problem for hyperbolic-type equations with degeneracy
Maikov A.R. 290-303
On approximate open boundary conditions for the wave equation and the Klein-Gordon equation
Kargin A.V. 304-314
Solution of the Stokes problem with parameter by the use of iteration of boundary conditions

Section 2

Arushanian O.B., Bogomolov N.A., Kovalev A.D., and Volchenskova N.I. 1-9
An approach to automating the implementation of applications intended for operation with compound data structures
Stefanov C.S. 10-21
A system for analysis of information structure of programs
Bryzgalov P.A. 22-26
The "AREOLA" system: a program shell for creating electronic encyclopedias
Tarnavsky G.A., Tarnavsky A.G., and Gilev K.V. 27-48
The information-computing Internet-center "Aeromechanics". First line: the "Shock" program complex
Bryzgalov P.A. 49-52
The "Areola" system database
Bykov M.Yu. 53-56
A model of the request handling process by a Web-site management system
Zhumatiy S.A. 57-64
A system of parallel program performance analysis for clusters
Ishkhanov B.S., Lyutikov I.A., Pavlov S.I. 65-70
A program package for modeling the transmutational processes of atomic nuclei under the action of intensive bremsstrahlung of gamma-quanta beams
Vshivkov V.A., Chernykh I.G., Snytnikov V.N. 71-76
Numerical solution of direct chemical kinetics problems on the basis of modern information technologies
Golenkov E.A., Sokolov A.S. 77-82
A method of automatic constructing a model of a parallel program in terms of Petri nets
Kochikov I.V., Kuramshina G.M., Samkov L.M., Sharapov L.A., Sharapova S.A. 83-87
A hybrid database (information system) on the molecular spectral constants

Section 3

Zaljotkin S.F. 1-17
Markov's formula with two fixed nodes for numerical integration and its application in orthogonal expansions