Table of Contents (Volume 5, 2004)

Section 1

Volkov K.N. 1-17
Finite difference schemes for integrating the equations for sample particle motion in a fluid or gas flow
Aidagulov G.R. 18-30
An adaptive grid method for solving the time-dependent Schroedinger equation
Morozov V.A. 31-40
Some general conditions for regularization of ill-posed variational problems
Reshetnyak M. and Steffen B. 41-45
The subgrid problem of thermal convection in the Earth's liquid core
Mazurov P.A., Gabidullina A.N., Elesin A.V., Kadyrova A.Sh. 46-57
The sensitivity storage in problems of hydraulic conductivity identification for three-dimensional aquifers
Volkov V.F. 58-69
Numerical study of spatial flows near complex configurations
Gol'dman N.L. 70-82
On a class of inverse problems with Cauchy Data for quasilinear parabolic equations
Sokolovsky V.V., Popov Yu.V., Gusev A.A., Vinitsky S.I. 83-95
Zero-range potentials as an algorithm for solution of quantum scattering problems
Kreisman B.B., Batkhina N.V., Batkhin A.B. 96-106
An adaptive algorithm for continuation of families of symmetric periodic solutions
Ryabov G.G. 107-117
Routing on lattice-cellular structures
Gor'kov Yu.P. 118-123
Representation of a solution to a boundary value problem in half-space for the stationary equation of Brownian motion
Kulikov S.V. and Ternovaia O.N. 124-128
Monte Carlo statistical simulation with a multiprocessor computer for the process of forming a shock wave in a shock tube
Volkov K.N. 129-145
Discretization of convective fluxes in Navier-Stokes equations on the basis of high-resolution difference schemes
Pickalov V.V. and Likhachev A.V. 146-153
Application of the Gerchberg-Papoulis method in Doppler tomography
Pinyagina O.V. 154-160
A descent method along a gap function for nonsmooth monotone equilibrium problems
Chizhonkov E.V. 161-169
On projection operators for numerical stabilization
Pickalov V.V. and Likhachev A.V. 170-183
A comparison of algorithms for spiral tomography
Kurguzov V.D. 184-196
A momentless model of elastoplastic deformation and creep of thin layers
Korobeinikov S.N., Khudyakov Yu.S., Shutov A.V. 197-213
A comparative analysis of protective arms of central Asian nomads with the method of mathematical modeling
Mukhametzyanov I.Z., Shaikhislamov A.S. 214-218
A simulation model of structurization in oil disperse systems
Tarnavsky G.A. and Tarnavsky A.G. 219-228
Shockwave structures in real gases: transition between shock interactions of different types in nonuniqueness solution regions
Demjanovich Yu.K. 229-239
Quasi-Hermitian splines of second order
Kamzolkin D.V. 240-251
A numerical method for approximate calculation of the value function in the optimal control problem with a terminal functional
Dmitriev A.N. 252-267
Mathematical modeling of two-dimentional processes in a blast furnace
Kolos I.V. and Kolos M.V. 268-280
Approximate solution of the generalized mixed boundary value problem for parabolic- and hyperbolic-type equations
Kochikov I.V., Kuramshina G.M., Stepanova A.V., Yagola A.G. 281-290
Numerical aspects of the calculation of scaling factors from experimental data
└rtyushkova ╠.┼., Sokoloff D.D. 291-296
Numerical modeling of conjugated point distribution along a geodesic with random curvature

Section 2

Filamofitsky M.P. 1-9
The system X-Com for metacomputing support: architecture and technology
Baygozin D.A., Baturin Y.M., Göbel M., Klimenko S.V., Leonov A.V.,
Nikitin I.N., Nikitina L.D
Interactive storytelling in virtual environment: educational system "Virtual Planetarium"
Arushanian O.B., Bogomolov N.A., Kovalev A.D., Sinitsyn M.N. 24-37
Architecture of client software for WEB-applications intended for data representation
Ryabov G.G. and Suvorov V.V. 38-41
Basic research of intelligence: a way to creation of advanced computer technologies

Section 3

Gorelik A.M. 1-12
Modern Fortran for traditional and parallel architectures
Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N. 13-29
Implementation of vectorized finite-difference algorithms for solving boundary value problems of fluid and gas mechanics with MATLAB package