Table of Contents (Volume 4, 2003)

Section 1

S.B. Berezin and V.M. Paskonov 1-13
Numerical study on injection of a viscous incompressible gas into a plane channel on the basis of the Navier-Stokes equations
P.A. Galkin, Ya.M. Zhileikin 14-18
Visualization of powerful optical beam propagation in nonlinear mediums
Yu.P. Gor'kov 19-25
Asymptotic behavior of a solution to the Brownian motion
D.V. Zot'ev, M.N. Filippov, and A.G. Yagola 26-32
On one inverse problem of quantitative electron probe microanalysis
G.A. Tarnavsky, V.D. Korneev, D.A. Vayner, N.M. Pokryshkina,
A.Yu. Sljunjaev, A.V. Tanaseychuk, and A.G. Tarnavsky
Computing system "Potok-3": experience of program complex parallelization. Part 1. Ideology of multisequencing
S.I. Martynenko 45-51
Parallelization of robust multigrid technique
M.V. Klibanov and A. Timonov 52-81
A globally convergent convexification algorithm for the inverse problem of electromagnetic frequency sounding in one dimension
S.S. Sadykov and A.A. Zakharov 82-93
Selection of detail levels at continuous surface simplification of polygonal objects
N.Yu. Saburova 94-103
An asymptotic method of consequent canonical substitutions of variables in the problem of translational-rotational motion of two rigid bodies. Part I
S.V. Porshnev 104-116
The application of continuous wavelet-transform to an analysis of broadband FM signals
A.I. Kozlov 117-125
Gradient-projection method for finding quasisolutions of nonlinear irregular operator equations
O.V. Belen'kaya, Ya.M. Zhileikin, and A.B. Kukarkin 126-129
Calculation of optimal coefficients for quadrature formulas by the complete enumeration method
V.A. Morozov 130-141
Algorithmic foundations of methods for solving ill-posed problems
I.O. Arushanian 142-154
Application of the quadrature method for solving boundary integral equations of plane elasticity theory on polygons
N.L. Gol'dman 155-166
An inverse problem with final overdetermination for a quasilinear parabolic equation with an unknown right-hand side
O.I. Berngardt and A.L. Voronov 167-171
A least squares method for sums of functions satisfying the differential equations with polynomial coefficients
V.A. Morozov 172-175
Seminormed factor spaces and the theory of splines
I. Cupal, P. Hejda, and M. Reshetnyak 176-182
The Stewartson layer under the influence of the Lorentz and Archimedean forces
G.R. Aidagulov 183-187
Application of the Fourier-Gauss transform to the Cauchy problem for the Schroedinger equation: theoretical consideration of the numerical algorithm
G.L. Sidelnikov and A.S. Starovoytov 188-193
The study on numerical methods at dynamic modeling of electron bunches in one-dimensional plasma
A.A. Zakharov and S.S. Sadykov 194-199
An algorithm for detection of intersections between polygonal objects by oriented bounding boxes
N.V. Anikeeva, I.V. Kochikov, G.M. Kuramshina, and A.G. Yagola 200-206
Regularizing algorithms for constructing intermolecular potentials on the basis of experimental data
M.Yu. Kokurin 207-215
Approximation of solutions to irregular equations and attractors of nonlinear dynamical systems in Hilbert spaces
R.V. Fedotov 216-226
Optimization algorithms for facet models and methods of their network transfer
A.A. Ivanchikov 227-243
Numerical solution of some spectral problems for the Stokes equations
V.V. Pickalov and A.V. Nepomnyashchiy 244-253
An iterative algorithm for two-dimensional tomographic reconstruction based on wavelet filtration
G.L. Sidelnikov and A.S. Starovoytov 254-257
Application of nonuniform grids for discretization and numerical solution of systems of integro-differential equations when modeling the dynamics of electron beams in plasma
G.A. Tarnavsky 258-277
Nonuniqueness of shockwave structures in real gases: the Mach and/or regular reflection
A.V. Djourik, P.G. Zhilin 278-282
Siberian solar radiotelescope: the PCA format of the SSRT data compressor
I.V. Kolos and M.V. Kolos 283-293
Solution of the linear filtration problem for hyperbolic systems
G.A. Tarnavsky, S.M. Aultchenko, and V.A.Vshivkov 294-322
Mathematical simulation of unsteady three-dimensional processes in the space gas dynamics
M.P. Vasil'ev and A.G. Yagola 323-326
The solution of two-dimensional Fredholm integral equations of the first kind with multiprocessor systems
A.V. Zakharov 327-335
On stability of the solution to a backward stochastic differential equation
A.V. Zakharov 336-347
On a method for approximate solving a backward stochastic differential equation
N.Yu. Bakaev 348-357
Constant size control in stability estimates under some resolvent conditions

Section 2

S.P. Kopyssov, I.V. Krasnoperov, and V.N. Rychkov 1-18
An object-oriented method for domain decomposition
S.P. Kopyssov, I.V. Krasnoperov, and V.N. Rychkov 19-36
Implementation of an object-oriented model of domain decomposition on the basis of parallel distributed CORBA-components
A.S. Antonov and B.Yu. Krysanov 37-43
Computing polygon as a research tool in studying hardware-software platforms

Section 3

V.V. Voevodin and Vl.V. Voevodin 1-6
Online education: new ideas
O.B. Arushanian and S.F. Zaljotkin 7-15
General description of subroutines for solving ordinary differential equations from the Numerical Analysis Library (Research Computer Center, Moscow State University)
A.V. Popov 16-27
Difference methods for solving quasilinear differential equations of first order. Part I
V.V. Suvorov 28-33
Geometric interpretation of propositional formulas