Table of Contents (Volume 3, 2002)

Section 1

A.G. Yagola, V.N. Titarenko, M.P. Vasiliev, and E.V. Shimanovskaya 1-13
Some features of solving the problems of mapping for allocation of chemical elements on stellar surfaces as ill-posed problems with the use of multiprocessor systems
A.V. Skvortsov 14-39
A survey of algorithms for constructing a Delaunay triangulation
M.Yu. Kokurin and O.V. Karabanova 40-51
Iterative processes for nonlinear ill-posed operator equations in Banach spaces on the basis of finite-dimensional regularization of the Newton-Kantorovich method
S.K. Tatevyan, N.A. Sorokin and S.F. Zaljotkin 52-81
Numerical integration of ordinary differential equations with the use of Chebyshev's series
A.V. Skvortsov 82-92
Algorithms for constructing triangulations with constraints
M.Yu. Kokurin and V.V. Kluchev 93-109
Necessary conditions for the power convergence rate of a class of iterative processes for nonlinear ill-posed operator equations in Banach spaces
S.Yu. Serezhnikov 110-115
Data preparation, treatment and visualization for constructing holograms with the electron-beam installation ZBA-21
A.V. Skvortsov 116-123
An algorithm for constructing the union, intersection and difference of arbitrary polygons on the basis of triangulation with linear-time complexity on average
A.V. Skvortsov 124-132
Compression of triangulation topological relations
N.L. Gol'dman 133-143
Classical and weak solutions of the two-phase boundary inverse Stefan problem
S.V. Kulikov and P.K. Berzigiarov 144-149
Monte Carlo statistical simulation of translational nonequilibrium of a gas mixture in the shock front with the use of multiprocessor computers
A.A. Kulikovsky 150-160
A quasi-3D model of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell
I.V. Kolos and M.V. Kolos 161-171
Solvability of the generalized Dirichlet problem for hyperbolic equations
L.G. Vasil'eva, Ya.M. Zhileikin, and Yu.I. Osipik 172-175
Fourier and wavelet transforms. Properties and applications
R.A. Stepanov 176-179
Optimization of numerical integration methods for shell models
A.I. Kozlov 180-186
A class of stable iterative methods for solving nonlinear ill-posed operator equations
S.N. Korobeinikov, Yu.S. Khudyakov, A.V. Shutov 187-210
Mathematical simulation of brittle fracture for thin-walled solids
A.S. Antipin, B.A. Budak, F.P. Vasilyev 211-221
A regularized first-order continuous extragradient method with variable metric for solving the problems of equilibrium programming with an inexact set
G.A. Tarnavsky 222-236
Shock waves in real gases with different specific heat ratios ahead of and behind shock fronts
A.S. Antipin, F.P. Vasilyev 237-244
A regularized extragradient method for solving variational inequalities

Section 2

A.N. Andrianov 1-10
Application of the Norma-language for solving problems with nested grids
L.B. Sokolinsky 11-28
Effective buffer management replacement algorithm for parallel shared-nothing database systems
N.A. Bogomolov, A.D. Kovalev, and M.N. Sinitsyn 29-35
An approach to display the vector graphics using the Internet-browser environment

Section 3

V.V. Voevodin and Vl.V. Voevodin 1-10
LINEAL: an electronic encyclopedia in linear algebra
O.B. Arushanian, S.F. Zaljotkin, and N.N. Kalitkin 11-19
Test problems for ordinary differential equations

Section 4

O.B. Arushanian and N.I. Volchenskova1-6
Numerical analysis library (Research Computer Center, Moscow State University)