Table of Contents (Volume 2, 2001)

Section 1

S.I. Martynenko 1-11
A robust multigrid technique for solving systems of partial differential equations
G.A. Tarnavsky, S.I. Shpak, and M.S. Obrecht 12-26
Numerical modeling and computer algorithm for the process of segregation of alloy impurities at the boundary of an oxidation wave in semiconductor substrates
V.A. Morozov 27-33
Signal reconstruction by the method of regularization
V.N. Strakhov and A.V. Strakhov 34-55
Parallel methods for finding stable approximate solutions to linear systems with perturbed right-hand sides
S.K. Tatevyan, N.A. Sorokin, and S.F. Zaljotkin 56-64
Construction of polynomial approximations for numerical solution of ordinary differential equations
A.B. Bakushinsky and M.Yu. Kokurin 65-91
Conditions of sourcewise representation and rates of convergence of methods for solving ill-posed operator equations. Part II
A.L. Alexandrov, G.A. Tarnavsky, S.I. Shpak, A.I. Gulidov, and M.S. Obrecht 92-111
Numerical simulation for the problem of dynamics of oxide film growth in semiconductor substrates on the basis of geometrical approach and the Deal-Grove method
V.F. Volkov 112-122
Geometric modeling of complex configurations in aerodynamic problems
F.P. Vasil'ev 123-130
Regularization methods with set extension for solving unstable problems of minimization
S.K. Tatevyan, N.A. Sorokin, and S.F. Zaljotkin 131-158
Markov's formula for numerical integration and its application in orthogonal expansions
G.M. Chammud 159-166
A three-dimensional family of seven-step Runge-Kutta methods of order six
G.M. Agayan and S.Yu. Serezhnikov 167-174
Visualization of diffraction effects in the design of computer-generated holograms
I.O. Arushanian and G.M. Kobelkov 175-183
Application of a least-squares finite element method to the plane problem of elasticity

Section 2

P.K. Berzigiyarov 1-16
Programming using standardized algorithmic structures with massive parallelism
V.A. Evseenko, M.N. Ivanov, and V.Yu. Radygin 17-21
Comparison of the T-system and MPI based on the EP-problem from the test package NPB 2.3
A.V. Pereberin 22-32
An approach to construction of automatically scalable isolines
K.V. Akhtyrtchenko and V.V. Leontjev 33-48
Software architecture modeling
K.V. Akhtyrtchenko 49-69
Transaction modeling on architectural level of software design
A.I. Avetisyan, I.V. Arapov, S.S. Gaisaryan, and V.A. Padaryan 70-87
Data parallel programming in the ParJava system
V.V. Tiouterev 88-108
An evolutionary algorithm of feature accumulation for the construction of neural networks
V.N. Rychkov, I.V. Krasnoperov I.V., and S.P. Kopyssov S.P. 109-124
Middleware for high performance computing

Section 3

S.V. Porshnev 1-6
Application of the Mathcad package to studying iterative methods for solving boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations
S.V. Porshnev 7-14
Application of the Mathcad package to studying iterative methods for solving boundary value problems for two-dimensional elliptic differential equations
A.V. Pereberin 15-40
Systematization of wavelet transforms
O.B. Arushanian and S.F. Zaljotkin 41-48
Solution of linear boundary value problems for systems of ordinary differential equations by Godunov's method
S.V. Porshnev 49-62
Numerical modeling of dispersive billiards. Part I
S.V. Porshnev 63-69
Numerical modeling of dispersive billiards. Part II

Section 4

S.I. Martynenko1-6
The package of application programs for the robust multigrid technique: building blocks and diagnostic tools