Table of Contents (Volume 1, 2000)

Section 1

I.O. Arushanian 1-7
The application of the boundary integral equation method to numerical solution of Dirichlet's problem in domains with corner points
V.N. Titarenko and A.G. Yagola 8-13
A method to cut convex polyhedrons and its applications to ill-posed problems
T. Antonov, P. Frick, and D. Sokoloff 14-18
Alignment in free decaying MHD turbulence
G.A. Tarnavsky and S.I. Shpak 19-27
Parallel algorithms for solving tridiagonal systems of linear equations (the three-dimensional case)
S.K. Tatevyan, N.A. Sorokin, and S.F. Zaletkin 28-61
Numerical integration of ordinary differential equations on the basis of local polynomial approximations
A.B. Bakushinsky and M.Yu. Kokurin 62-82
Conditions of sourcewise representation and rates of convergence of methods for solving ill-posed operator equations. Part I
S.I. Martynenko 83-100
Robust multigrid technique for solving partial differential equations on structured grids

Section 2

O.B. Arushanian and N.I. Volchenskova1-8
The access to Numerical Analysis Library of Moscow University Research Computing Center in Internet
N.I. Volchenskova, I.V. Zyuryaeva, and T.V. Lamzina9-14
Transformation of User Manual of Numerical Analysis Library into the HTML-format
L.G. Beliovskaya, N.A. Bogomolov, and A.D. Kovalev15-23
Construction of isoline maps of functions of two variables
I.V. Zyuryaeva and T.V. Lamzina24-30
Image processing using the Main Control Language of the Base Technology for constructing systems of treatment and transformation of complex-organized information
A.D. Kovalev and S.V. Nikitin 31-36
Sets in the tool environment for developing program modules
V.V. Voevodin 37-44
Transformation of problems of computational mathematics onto the architecture of computing systems
A.N. Andrianov and K.N. Ephimkin 45-54
The use of the Norma system for solving computational problems with multiprocessor computers with distributed memory

Section 3

O.B. Arushanian1-11
Linear algebra tests: Jacobi symmetric matrices with equal diagonal elements