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Meretin A.S.
A software package for the mathematical simulation of fracture in a thermo-poroelastic medium

Sadin D.V.
Simulation of physical instability on contact boundaries in multicomponent compressible gas flows by a hybrid large-particle method

Chizhonkov E.V.
On second-order accuracy schemes for modeling of plasma oscillations

Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., Karpenko A.G., and Teterina I.V.
Simulation of unsteady gas-particle flow induced by the shock-wave interaction with a particle layer

Piven V.F. and Lekomtsev D.G.
Mathematical modeling of well operation in the case of two-dimensional filtration in an anisotropic heterogeneous layer

Zheltkov D.A., Tretiakova R.M., Zheltkova V.V., and Bocharov G.A.
An efficient software implementation of numerical methods for solving stiff systems of delay differential equations

Polyakov S.V., Karamzin Yu.N., Kudryashova T.A., Podryga V.O., Puzyrkov D.V., and Tarasov N.I.
Multiscale supercomputer modeling of gas purification processes by the adsorption method

Goncharsky A.A. and Durlevich S.R.
An inverse problem of synthesis of nanooptical security elements for visual and automated authenticity verification

Khachkova T.S., Bazaikin Ya.V., and Lisitsa V.V.
Use of the computational topology to analyze the pore space changes during chemical dissolution

Feskov S.V. and Khokhlova S.S.
Algorithms for the computer simulation of ultrafast photoinduced intermolecular charge transfer in liquids

Blank A.V. and Suhareva N.A.
Spatial differential analysis of the intensity distribution for a collimated wave beam

Gol'dman N.L.
Study of some mathematical models for nonstationary filtration processes

Kaporin I.E. and Milyukova O.Yu.
MPI+OpenMP implementation of the BiCGStab method with explicit preconditioning for the numerical solution of sparse linear systems

Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., Tsvetkov A.I., and Chernyshov P.S.
Mechanisms of generation and noise sources of supersonic jets and the numerical simulation of their gas dynamic and aeroacoustic characteristics

Sadin D.V.
Application of a hybrid large-particle method for calculating multicomponent gas mixture flows

Danilin A.V. and Solovjev A.V.
A modification of the CABARET scheme for resolving the sound points in gas flows

Kochikov I.V., Lagutin Yu.S., Lagutina A.A., Lukyanenko D.V., Tikhonravov A.V., and Yagola A.G.
A nonlocal algorithm for analyzing the data of monochromatic optical control in the process of multilayer coating deposition

Gadylshina K.A., Khachkova T.S., and Lisitsa V.V.
Numerical modeling of chemical interaction between a fluid and rocks

Yuldashev A.V., Repin N.V., and Spele V.V.
A parallel preconditioner based on the approximation of an inverse matrix by power series for solving sparse linear systems on graphics processors

Martynenko S.I.
On the approximation error in the problems of conjugate convective heat transfer

Kolosnitsyn A.V.
A modified simplex embedding method for solving convex optimization problems with a large amount of constraints

Surovezhko A.S. and Martynenko S.I.
On optimization of technical devices based on a hierarchy of mathematical models

Stepanenko V.M., Medvedev A.I., Korpushenkov I.A., Frolova N.L., and Lykosov V.N.
A river routing scheme for an Earth system model

Bormotin K.S. and Win Aung
A numerical method of optimizing the stretch forming process for the production of panels

Lezhnev V.G. and Markovsky A.N.
Projection algorithms for calculating the Roben potential

Lukyanenko D.V. and Melnikova A.A.
Application of asymptotic analysis methods for solving a coefficient inverse problem for a system of nonlinear singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equations with cubic nonlinearity

Asfandiyarov D.G.
Numerical modeling of turbulent flow in a plane channel on the basis of the Cabaret scheme

Afanasyev I.V., Voevodin V.V., Rudyak V.Yu., and Emelyanenko A.V.
The practice of conducting performance analysis of supercomputer applications

Sadin D.V., Belyaev B.V., and Davidchuk V.A.
Comparison of a modified large-particle method with some high resolution schemes. Two-Dimensional test problems

Vasilchenko V.A., Korpusov M.O., Lukyanenko D.V., and Panin A.A.
A study of self-oscillation instability in varicap-based electrical networks: analytical and numerical approaches

Elesin V.V., Sidorenko D.A., and Utkin P.S.
A Cartesian grid method for the three-dimensional numerical simulation of shock wave propagation in complex-shape domains with moving boundaries

Poroshyna Ya.E. and Utkin P.S.
Numerical simulation of detonation wave propagation using a two-stage kinetics model of chemical reactions in the shock-attached frame

Sukhinov A.I., Chistyakov A.E., Sidoryakina V.V., and Protsenko S.V.
A difference scheme with the optimal weight for the diffusion-convection equation

Osipov O.V.
Spectral analysis of discrete signals with high frequency resolution

Goncharsky A.V., Kubyshkin V.A., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu.
Inverse problems of experimental data interpretation in 3D ultrasound tomography

Bulat P.V. and Volkov K.N.
Visualization of gas dynamics discontinuities in supersonic flows using digital image processing methods

Andrianov A.N., Baranova T.P., Bugerya A.B., and Efimkin K.N.
Distribution of computations in hybrid computing systems when translating NORMA language programs

Zymbler M.L.
A parallel discord discovery algorithm for time series on many-core accelerators

Leonenkov S.N.
Target optimization of a supercomputer task flow

Antonov A.S.
Representation of algorithmic approaches in the AlgoWiki electronic encyclopedia

Voevodin V.V.
A comprehensive analysis of performance quality of large supercomputer complexes

Sukhinov A.I., Chistyakov A.E., and Protsenko E.A.
Upwind and standard leapfrog difference schemes

Martynenko S.I.
Numerical methods for black box software

Sadin D.V. and Davidchuk V.A.
Comparison of a modified large-particle method with some high resolution schemes. One-dimensional test problems

Genrikh E.A. and Boronina M.A.
A two-dimensional hybrid model of an open plasma trap

Krivovichev G.V. and Mashchinskaya M.P.
Stability analysis of the implicit finite-difference-based upwind lattice Boltzmann schemes

Rechkalov T.V. and Zymbler M.L.
A parallel data clustering algorithm for Intel MIC accelerators

Arushanyan O.B. and Zaletkin S.F.
An implementation of the Chebyshev series method for the approximate analytical solution of second-order ordinary differential equations

Grachev D.A., Elistratov S.A., and Mikhailov E.A.
Statistical moments and multipoint magnetic field correlators in a galactic dynamo model with random turbulent diffusion

Chaplygin A.V., Diansky N.A., and Gusev A.V.
Load balancing using Hilbert space-filling curves for parallel shallow water simulations

Stupakov I.M., Royak M.E., Kondratyeva N.S., Zelenskiy A.V., and Vinokurov N.A.
Taking account of the hysteresis effects in the calculation of eddy currents

Kondratiev V.S., Semenov A.A., and Zaikin O.S.
Duplicates of conflict clauses in CDCL derivation and their usage to invert some cryptographic functions

Solovjev A.V. and Danilin A.V.
Using the Sharp scheme of higher-order accuracy for solving some nonlinear hyperbolic systems of equations

Kraeva Ya.A. and Zymbler M.L.
The use of MPI and OpenMP technologies for subsequence similarity search in very long time series on a computer cluster system with nodes based on the Intel Xeon Phi Knights Landing many-core processor

Vshivkov V.A., Vshivkova L.V., and Dudnikova G.I.
An algorithm to identify the structure of electromagnetic fields

Asfandiyarov D.G.
Artificial boundary conditions for the ILES modeling of plane channel flow using the Cabaret scheme

Shapeev V.P. and Vorozhtsov E.V.
A P-version of the collocation method for solving the Fredholm integral equations of the second kind in the Mathematica environment