Advice for Referees


I. Information for the Editorial Board

  1. Suitability for this journal:
    • the paper is appropriate for this journal (yes/no)
    • if no, then what alternate journals may be suggested to the authors for consideration?
  2. Originality and significance of results (yes/no/others):
    • results are original
    • results are of scientific significance
    • results are of practical significance
  3. Journalistic criteria (yes/no/others):
    • abstract is informative enough
    • paper is clearly written
    • length relative to substance is adequate
    • aim of the paper is clearly stated
    • paper is placed in proper context with relative works
    • mathematical deviations are adequately detailed
    • paper is adequately referenced
    • all figures and tables are necessary
    • paper is free of technical and other errors
    • mathematical and experimental results are rigor
    • results and conclusions are justified enough
  4. Recommendations (yes/no)
    • paper may be accepted as submitted
    • paper requires revision and re-review
    • paper should be declined
    • paper should be passed to another referee
  5. Private comments to the Editorial Board
     <Date> <Signature>

II. Remarks and recommendations for the authors