Information for Authors
Manuscript Submission
     Russian and English are working languages of this journal.
     In order to submit a manuscript to this journal, it is necessary to send the documents listed below.
  1. Submittal letter of the authors.
  2. An electronic version of the manuscript prepared in accordance with the rules given in the Manuscript Preparation Instructions.
  3. Text file containing the following information:
         author names and affiliations;
         title of the manuscript;
         key words.

     These documents should be sent to the Editorial Staff via e-mail: This electronic address is also appropriate for consulting with the Executive Editor.
     Submitted manuscripts are evaluated according to the Peer Review Process. After the refereeing process is complete, the manuscripts may be declined or returned to the authors for revisions, or accepted for publication.
     The authors are responsible for the contents of their paper and warrant that the paper is original, has not been previously published, and has not been simultaneously submitted elsewhere. The Editorial Staff is not responsible for any damage caused by publication of the paper. The authors should follow Publication Ethics.

Publication Procedure

     All the accepted manuscripts undergo scientific editing and proofreading and are prepared for publication according to the standards accepted in the framework of this journal. The possible corrections are discussed with the authors. The authorís approval is required before submitting the final version of the paper to the publishing process.
     Each accepted paper is published online as soon as it is ready for publication in the current volume. A new volume is published each year.
     The papers published in the journal are in open access for all categories of readers, wherever they are located.
     The publication of papers is free for the authors.

Manuscript Preparation
     Manuscripts submitted to the journal should be written in the form of a single LaTeX file ("article" style) along with optional PostScript files for figures. In special cases, the Editorial Board may accept manuscripts that are prepared using other text editors.
     The journal font size is 10 pt, the journal page size is 17 cm wide and 24 cm high.
     The best way to learn how to format the manuscript is to look at several papers already published in the journal. Nevertheless, some recommendations listed below for authors might be useful in the original preparation of their manuscripts.
  • UDC numbers should be given in the left corner of the first page.
  • The manuscript's title with capital letters is centered.
  • The title is followed by author names, the abstract, and free choice key words (key phrases).
  • Sections and subsections are numbered in boldface using Arabic digits.
  • The literature in references are numbered using Arabic digits. Reference numbers for citations are included in square brackets, whereas for equations - in parentheses.
  • If the "theorem"-type commands are not used, then the words "Theorem", "Corollary", "Lemma", "Assertion", "Proposition" should explicitly be indicated in boldface, whereas the corresponding formulations are given in italics.
  • The word "Proof" is distinguished in boldface.
  • The words "Definitions" and "Remarks" are given in boldface, whereas the corresponding formulations are given in normal.
  • Theorems, lemmas, definitions, etc. are numbered sequentially using Arabic digits.
     The references should be formatted according to the Russian State Standard. Some examples are given below.

         For books:
  1. Bakhvalov N.S., Zhidkov N.P., Kobelkov G.M. Numerical Methods. Moscow: Nauka, 1987.
  2. Voevodin V.V. Rounding Errors and Stability in Direct Methods of Linear Algebra. Moscow: Moscow University Press, 1969.
  3. Stewart G.W. Introduction to matrix computations. New York-London: Academic Press, 1973.

    For reports or proceedings:

  4. Computational Methods of Linear Algebra. Proceedings of the First All-Union Conference. Novosibirsk: Computing Center of Academy of Sciences, 1969.
  5. Bunch J., Rose D. (Eds.) Sparse matrix computations. New York-San Francisco-London: Academic Press, 1976.
  6. Collection of Exercises in Numerical Methods / Strelkov N.A. (Composer). Yaroslavl: Yaroslavl University Press, 1988.
  7. Numerical Analysis in Fortran / Voevodin V.V. (Ed.) Issue 17. Moscow: Moscow University Press, 1976.

    For periodicals or transactions:

  8. Abramov A.A. Numerical solution of some algebraic problems arising in the stability theory // J. of Comput. Math. and Math. Physics. 1984. 24, 3. 339-347.
  9. Zel'dovich Ya.B. To the theory of propagation of detonation in gaseous systems // J. of Exper. an Theoretical Physics. 1940. 10, 5. 542-568.
  10. Voevodin V.V. On solution of some systems with block-Toeplitz matrices // Numerical Analysis in Fortran. Issue 17. Moscow: Moscow University Press, 1976. 43-47.
  11. Sumbatov A.S. Integrals linear in velocities. Generalizations of the Jacobi theorem // Appl. Mech. Soviet Reviews. Volume 1, pp. 329-332. New York, 1980.
  12. Miller W. Software for roundoff analysis // ACM Trans. on Math. Software. 1975. 1,
    N 2. 108-128.

    For preprints:

  13. Mirer S.A., Sarychev V.A. On steady motions of a rigid body suspended on a string. Preprint of the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics. Issue 96. Moscow, 1996.
Submission Letter Form


On-line journal
"Vychislitelínye Metody i Programmirovanie"
Research Computing Center
Moscow State University
Moscow, 119992
Russian Federation

     The manuscript <title of the manuscript> is submitted for publication in the on-line journal "Vychislitelínye Metody i Programmirovanie".
     The author names and affiliations: ...
     Correspondence on editorial matters should be addressed to
1. The name of one of the authors.
2. Address: ...
3. E-mail: ...

Copyright Transfer Form


On-line journal
"Vychislitelínye Metody i Programmirovanie"
Research Computing Center
Moscow State University
Moscow, 119992
Russian Federation

     We confirm our agreement with the publication of the final version of our paper: <author names> <title of the paper>.
     Copyright of the above work (customary with scientific journals) is hereby transferred to this journal.