Table of Contents (Volume 19, 2018)
Fedorov A.A. 1-8
Droplet visualization in FlowVision
Nikiforov A.I. and Sadovnikov R.V. 9-16
Parallel computations on a hybrid computing system for two-phase filtration problems
Glazunov A.V. 17-37
Numerical simulation of turbulence and transport of fine particulate impurities in street canyons
Podryga V.O. and Polyakov S.V. 38-50
Supercomputer multiscale modeling of gas mixture flows in microchannels
Ivanov D.V., Kobelkov G.M., Lozhnikov M.A., and Kharisov A.F. 51-62
A method of adaptive artificial viscosity for solving numerically the equations of a viscous heat-conducting compressible gas
Rukavishnikov A.V. 63-71
A numerical method for solving the Oseen-type problem in an L-shaped domain
Yurova A.S. 72-84
An algorithmic chain for the forward personalized ECG simulation and the evaluation of its working time
Snytnikova T.V. 85-95
Implementation of an associative-computing model on GPU: a basic procedure library of the STAR language
Shapeev V.P. and Belyaev V.A. 96-111
Solving boundary value problems for partial differential equations in triangular domains by the least squares collocation method
Klimenok K.L., Demianov A.Yu., and Dinariev O.Yu. 112-120
Surface relaxation effect on nuclear magnetic resonance flow propagators
Klimonov I.A., Korneev V.D., and Sveshnikov V.M. 121-129
Acceleration of parallel algorithms for solving three-dimensional boundary value problems on quasi-structured grids
Novikov M.A., Lisitsa V.V., and Kozyaev A.A. 130-149
Numerical modeling of wave processes in fractured porous fluid-saturated media
Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu. 150-157
Inverse problems of sounding pulse formation in ultrasound tomography: mathematical modeling and experiments
Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., and Yakovchuk M.S. 158-172
Multiparameter optimization of operating control by the trust vector based on the jet injection into the supersonic part of a nozzle
Grigoriev F.V., Sulimov V.B., and Tikhonravov A.V. 173-177
Effect of nanoparticles on the structure of thin films: atomistic simulation resultse
Arushanyan O.B. and Zaletkin S.F. 178-184
To the orthogonal expansion theory of the solution to the Cauchy problem for second-order ordinary differential equations
Solovjev A.V. and Danilin A.V. 185-193
A higher-order difference scheme of the Cabaret class for solving the transport equation
Frolov A.A. and Chizhonkov E.V. 194-206
Numerical modeling of plasma oscillations with consideration of electron thermal motion
Baikov N.D. and Petrov A.G. 207-214
Deformation of cylindrical cavities in plane-parallel potential flows with circulation and under the action of mass forces
Algazin S.D. 215-218
Numerical algorithms without saturation for the Schrödinger equation of hydrogen atom
Gurieva Y.L. and Perevozkin D.V. 219-229
Issues of parallel software development for the domain decomposition methods
Solov'eva S.A. 230-234
A special variant of the subdomain method for solving the Fredholm integral equations of the second kind
Novikov M.A., Bazaikin Ya.V., Lisitsa V.V., and Kozyaev A.A. 235-252
Numerical modeling of wave propagation in fractured porous fluid-saturated media
Berendeev E.A. and Efimova A.A. 253-260
A method of damped absorption of electromagnetic waves in the numerical simulation of electron beam-plasma interaction