Table of Contents (Volume 18, 2017)
Danilin A.V., Solovjev A.V., and Zaitsev A.M. 1-10
A modification of the CABARET scheme for numerical simulation of one-dimensional detonation flows using a one-stage irreversible model of chemical kinetics
Durlevich S.R. 11-19
Computer synthesis of diffractive optical elements for forming 3D images
Brykov N.A., Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., and Teterina I.V. 20-40
Flows of ideal and real gases in channels of variable cross section with unsteady localized energy supply
Krivovichev G.V. and Prokhorova E.A. 41-52
Approximation viscosity of one-parameter families of lattice Boltzmann equations
Mukosey A.V. and Semenov A.S. 53-64
An approximate algorithm for choosing the optimal subset of nodes in the Angara interconnect with failures
Chizhonkov E.V. 65-79
Artificial boundary conditions for numerical modeling of electron oscillations in plasma
Vorozhtsov E.V. and Shapeev V.P. 80-102
On combining the techniques for convergence acceleration of iteration processes during the numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equations
Frolov A.S. 103-114
Application of the CHARM++ software model as a target platform for a domain-specific language compiler for the analysis of static graphs
Gromov A.N. 115-128
A globally convergent method for finding zeros of integer functions of finite order
Likhachov A.V. 129-137
A new tomography method in the presence of an opaque object
Novikov K.A. 138-145
A maximum principle for multiphase flow models
Voronin M.S. 146-157
A simplified numerical method to determine the shear stress relaxation time parameters by the example of polymers
Ananev A.A., Lomovitskiy P.V., Uzhegov D.V., and Khlyupin A.N. 158-168
A new algorithm for the optimization of transport networks subject to constraints
Arushanyan O.B. and Zaletkin S.F. 169-174
On solvability of a nonlinear system of equations for the Fourier-Chebyshev coefficients in the problem of solving ordinary differential equations using Chebyshev series
Govorukhin V.N. 175-186
Parallel implementation of a meshfree method for calculating flows of ideal incompressible fluid
Solov'eva S.A. 187-191
A variant of the collocation method for the Fredholm integral equations of the second kind
Klimenok K.L. and Demianov A.Yu. 192-203
Numerical simulation of nuclear magnetic resonance in saturated porous media with consideration of phase motion
Mazo A.B. and Khamidullin M.R. 204-213
Accelerated explicit-implicit algorithms for the simulation of two-phase Flow toward a horizontal multistage hydraulically fractured well
Sushnikova D.А. 214-220
Application of block low-rank matrices in Gaussian processes for regression
Bogachev K.Yu., Piskovskiy E.V., and Piatsky G.G. 221-226
A method for the coupled solution of the filtration problem and the system of elasticity equations
Krivovichev G.V. and Marnopolskaya E.S. 227-246
Analysis and optimization of higher order explicit finite-difference schemes for the advection stage implementation in the lattice Boltzmann method
Gol'dman N.L. 247-266
A nonlinear problem for a parabolic equation with an unknown coefficient at the time derivative and its applications in mathematical models of physico-chemical processes
Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu. 267-276
Inverse problems of layer-by-layer ultrasonic tomography with the data measured on a cylindrical surface
Grachev D.A. and Mikhailov E.A. 277-283
Numerical modeling of a two-point correlator for the Lagrange solutions of some evolution equations
Feskov S.V. 284-292
Validation of the recrossing-algorithms for the numerical simulations of multichannel electronic transitions to the degenerate states of an acceptor
Nikitin V.V., Duchkov A.A., and Andersson F. 293-311
Acceleration of seismic data processing with wave-packet decomposition using NVidia CUDA
Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu. 312-321
The problem of choosing initial approximations in inverse problems of ultrasound tomography
Kokurin M.M. 322-347
Rate of convergence and error estimates for finite-difference schemes of solving linear ill-posed Cauchy problems of the second order
Lopato A.I. and Utkin P.S. 348-358
Specific features of mathematical modeling of flows with detonation waves on unstructured computational grids
Bormotin K.S. 359-370
A method for solving inverse problems of inelastic deformation of thin-walled panels
Sukhinov A.I., Belova Yu.V., and Chistyakov A.E. 371-380
Solution of the matter transport problem at high Peclet numbers
Grigoriev F.V., Sulimov V.B., and Tikhonravov A.V. 381-386
Mechanical losses in glassy silicon dioxide: results of atomistic simulation
Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., and Karpenko A.G. 387-405
Numerical simulation of gas dynamic and physical-chemical processes in hypersonic flows past bodies
Akimov V.S., Silaev D.P., Simonov A.S., and Semenov A.S. 406-415
Scalability study of FlowVision on the cluster with Angara interconnect