"Development of high-performance scalable software for ultrasound tomography"
Voevodin Vad.V., Ovchinnikov S.L., Romanov S.Yu.

This paper is dedicated to the development of high-performance scalable software for supercomputers to be used for solving the inverse problem of ultrasound tomography in medical applications. The problem is formulated as a nonlinear coefficient inverse problem for the wave equation. A program structure is proposed, which allows one to efficiently parallelize the computations on cluster systems. The code is optimized in a such way that the speed of the program is increased by an order of magnitude and a much higher scalability is provided. Many test runs of the program are performed on the Chebyshev and Lomonosov computing clusters installed at the Moscow State University.

Keywords: inverse coefficient problems, wave equation, ultrasound tomography, parallel computations, scalability, supercomputers

Voevodin Vad.V.   e-mail: vadim_voevodin@mail.ru;   Ovchinnikov S.L.   e-mail: osl@starnet.ru;   Romanov S.Yu.   e-mail: romanov60@gmail.com