"Numerical algorithms for the analysis of elastic waves in block media with thin interlayers"
Varygina M.P., Pokhabova M.A., Sadovskaya O.V., Sadovskii V.M.

Numerical algorithms simulating the dynamic interaction of elastic blocks through thin viscoelastic interlayers in structurally inhomogeneous media such as rocks are proposed. On the basis of the rheological method, the models of various levels of complexity describing the deformation of a material of interlayers are constructed. When solving the one-dimensional problems numerically, the monotone grid-characteristic schemes with a balanced number of time steps in blocks and in interlayers are applied. The software implementation of algorithms for multiprocessor computer systems with graphics accelerators is discussed. The numerical results illustrating the qualitative features of the plane wave propagation in materials with a layered microstructure are given.

Keywords: elastic waves, block medium, microstructure, rheological scheme, numerical algorithm

Varygina M.P.   e-mail: varyginam@yandex.ru;   Sadovskaya O.V.   e-mail: o_sadov@icm.krasn.ru;   Sadovskii V.M.   e-mail: sadov@icm.krasn.ru;
Pokhabova M.A.   e-mail: pahomova_mariya_@mail.ru