"Numerical simulation of acoustic wave propagation in two-phase variable porous media"
Zhileikin Ya.M., Osypik Ju.I., Pushkina N.I.

The propagation of finite-amplitude acoustic waves through two-phase porous media with a spatial variation in porosity is studied. An evolutionary wave equation is derived. The propagation of an acoustic wave is numerically analyzed in application to marine sediments with different physical parameters.

Keywords: acoustic wave, two-phase porous media, marine sediments, wave equation, numerical methods, finite differences

Zhileikin Ya.M.   e-mail: jam@srcc.msu.ru;   Osypik Ju.I.   e-mail: jam@srcc.msu.ru;   Pushkina N.I.   e-mail: n.pushkina@mererand.com