"Application of high performance computing to the solution of interior ballistics problems"
Semenov I.V., Utkin P.S., Akhmedyanov I.F., Menshov I.S.

A mathematical model, a numerical algorithm, and an approach to its parallelization for the simulation of interior ballistics problems in the quasi-one-dimensional approximation using high performance computing are considered. The developed software is compared with a number of known application program packages for solving similar problems by the example of the AGARD test problem. The developed software can be used to solve a wide range of practically important problems in civil applications (such as the operation of gas generators, solid-propellant rocket engines or propellant charges for fire-fighting operations) and in special applications for the predictive modeling of interior ballistic processes in barrel systems.

Keywords: interior ballistics, numerical modeling, high performance computing

Semenov I.V.   e-mail: semenov@icad.org.ru;   Utkin P.S.   e-mail: utkin@icad.org.ru;   Akhmedyanov I.F.   e-mail: aildarmail@gmail.com;
Menshov I.S.   e-mail: menshov@kiam.ru