"Comparison of iterative methods for solving sparse linear systems in filtration problems on computing systems with distributed memory"
Bogachev K.Yu., Zhabitskiy Ya.V., Klimovsky A.A., Mirgasimov A.R., Semenko A.E.

The performance and parallel scalability of BiCGSTAB, ORTOMIN and GMRES (including QGMRES and DQGMRES) algorithms are compared for SMP systems as well as for distributed memory and hybrid computing systems. The test procedures are conducted for nonsymmetric sparse systems of linear equations.

Keywords: high-performance computing, hybrid MPI-multithread programming, iterative methods, BiCGSTAB, ORTHOMIN, GMRES, MPI

Bogachev K.Yu.   e-mail: bogachev@mech.math.msu.su;   Zhabitskiy Ya.V.   e-mail: jjv@fromru.com;   Klimovsky A.A.   e-mail: arseny@klimovsky.ru;   Mirgasimov A.R.   e-mail: mirgasimov.almaz@gmail.com;   Semenko A.E.   e-mail: asemenko@gmail.com