"Load balancing of nodes for cluster systems in the filtration problem"
Bogachev K.Yu., Klimovsky A.A., Mirgasimov A.R., Semenko A.E.

Load balancing of nodes for cluster systems with distributed memory is considered for modeling the filtration of viscous compressible fluids. Traditionally, the input data are divided between nodes in equal parts; due to the features of reservoir geological structures, however, such a distribution is not uniform in the sense of loading the nodes. To achieve a uniform load distribution between nodes, a new multipass load balancing algorithm is proposed.

Keywords: high-performance computing, load balancing, filtration problem, MPI

Bogachev K.Yu.   e-mail: bogachev@mech.math.msu.su;   Klimovsky A.A.   e-mail: arseny@klimovsky.ru;   Mirgasimov A.R.   e-mail: mirgasimov.almaz@gmail.com;   Semenko A.E.   e-mail: asemenko@gmail.com