"Solving of optimization hydrodynamic problems using the distributed computing resources of Moscow University"
Zhumatiy S.A., Sobolev S.I., Stefanov K.S.

A software package architecture for solving the optimization problems of aero- and hydrodynamics in distributed computing environments is considered. The package consists of the FlowVision system for solving the hydrodynamic direct problems, the IOSO system for searching an optimal, and the X-Com system for distributing the computing loads on the nodes of supercomputers.

Keywords: hydrodynamics, optimization, distributed computing, X-Com, FlowVision, IOSO

Zhumatiy S.A., e-mail: serg@parallel.ru;   Sobolev S.I., e-mail: sergeys@parallel.ru;   Stefanov K.S., e-mail: cstef@parallel.ru