"Automation tools for the documentation of large software packages"
Arushanyan O.B., Bogomolov N.A., Volchenskova N.I., Kovalev A.D.

Some problems of documenting large software packages and a number of approaches to the automation of maintenance procedures for software documentation are considered. Several automation tools to support the development of software documentation in print and online forms are discussed.

Keywords: program libraries, software maintenance, documentation automation tools, Delphi programming environment

Arushanyan O.B. e-mail: arush@srcc.msu.ru;   Bogomolov N.A. e-mail: nbogom@srcc.msu.ru;   Volchenskova N.I. e-mail: nad1946@mail.ru;   Kovalev A.D. e-mail: kovalev@srcc.msu.ru