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Kornev A.A.
On some properties of the projection operator for a class of stabilization algorithms

Ezhova N.A. and Sokolinsky L.B.
Scalability evaluation of iterative algorithms for supercomputer simulation of physical processes

Blonsky A.V.
A software package for the simulation of fluid flows in discrete fracture networks with vugs

Stefonishin D.A., Matveev S.A., Smirnov A.P., and Tyrtyshnikov E.E.
Tensor decompositions for solving the equations of mathematical models of aggregation with multiple collisions of particles

Taratuta E.E.
A study of implementation methods for the Sobel filter on reconfigurable computing systems

Makarov V.L., Bakhtizin A.R., Sushko E.D., and Sushko G.B.
Development of an agent-based demographic model of Russia and its supercomputer implementation

Kapyrin I.V., Konshin I.N., Kopytov G.V., and Kramarenko V.K.
Parallel computations in the hydrogeological computational code GeRa: organization and efficiency

Shapeev V.P. and Belyaev V.A.
Solving the biharmonic equation with high order accuracy in irregular domains by the least squares collocation method

Krivov M.A., Zaytsev A.V., Ataullakhanov F.I., and Ivanov P.S.
Modeling the division of biological cells in the stage of metaphase on the "Lomonosov-2" supercomputer

Gol'dman N.L.
On some statements of nonlinear parabolic problems with boundary conditions of the first kind and on methods of their approximate solution

Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., Kapranov I.E., and Teterina I.V.
Lagrangian coherent vortex structures and their numerical visualization

Nurislamova L.F. and Gubaydullin I.M.
Numerical analysis of parameter identifiability for a mathematical model of a chemical reaction

Kolyukhin D.R. and Protasov M.I.
Statistical modeling of discrete structure networks using seismic images

Stefonishin D.A., Matveev S.A., Smirnov A.P., and Tyrtyshnikov E.E.
An efficient finite-difference method for solving Smoluchowski-type kinetic equations of aggregation with three-body collisions

Berendeev E.A. and Efimova A.A.
A method of damped absorption of electromagnetic waves in the numerical simulation of electron beam-plasma interaction

Novikov M.A., Bazaikin Ya.V., Lisitsa V.V., and Kozyaev A.A.
Numerical modeling of wave propagation in fractured porous fluid-saturated media

Solov'eva S.A.
A special variant of the subdomain method for solving the Fredholm integral equations of the second kind

Gurieva Y.L. and Perevozkin D.V.
Issues of parallel software development for the domain decomposition methods

Algazin S.D.
Numerical algorithms without saturation for the Schrödinger equation of hydrogen atom

Baikov N.D. and Petrov A.G.
Deformation of cylindrical cavities in plane-parallel potential flows with circulation and under the action of mass forces

Frolov A.A. and Chizhonkov E.V.
Numerical modeling of plasma oscillations with consideration of electron thermal motion

Solovjev A.V. and Danilin A.V.
A higher-order difference scheme of the Cabaret class for solving the transport equation

Arushanyan O.B. and Zaletkin S.F.
To the orthogonal expansion theory of the solution to the Cauchy problem for second-order ordinary differential equations

Grigoriev F.V., Sulimov V.B., and Tikhonravov A.V.
Effect of nanoparticles on the structure of thin films: atomistic simulation resultse

Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., and Yakovchuk M.S.
Multiparameter optimization of operating control by the trust vector based on the jet injection into the supersonic part of a nozzle

Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu.
Inverse problems of sounding pulse formation in ultrasound tomography: mathematical modeling and experiments

Novikov M.A., Lisitsa V.V., and Kozyaev A.A.
Numerical modeling of wave processes in fractured porous fluid-saturated media

Klimonov I.A., Korneev V.D., and Sveshnikov V.M.
Acceleration of parallel algorithms for solving three-dimensional boundary value problems on quasi-structured grids

Klimenok K.L., Demianov A.Yu., and Dinariev O.Yu.
Surface relaxation effect on nuclear magnetic resonance flow propagators

Shapeev V.P. and Belyaev V.A.
Solving boundary value problems for partial differential equations in triangular domains by the least squares collocation method

Snytnikova T.V.
Implementation of an associative-computing model on GPU: a basic procedure library of the STAR language

Yurova A.S.
An algorithmic chain for the forward personalized ECG simulation and the evaluation of its working time

Rukavishnikov A.V.
A numerical method for solving the Oseen-type problem in an L-shaped domain

Ivanov D.V., Kobelkov G.M., Lozhnikov M.A., and Kharisov A.F.
A method of adaptive artificial viscosity for solving numerically the equations of a viscous heat-conducting compressible gas

Podryga V.O. and Polyakov S.V.
Supercomputer multiscale modeling of gas mixture flows in microchannels

Glazunov A.V.
Numerical simulation of turbulence and transport of fine particulate impurities in street canyons

Nikiforov A.I. and Sadovnikov R.V.
Parallel computations on a hybrid computing system for two-phase filtration problems

Fedorov A.A.
Droplet visualization in FlowVision

Dombrovskaya Zh.O.
Design of an isotropic all-dielectric metasurface on a substrate

Grigoriev F.V., Sulimov V.B., and Tikhonravov A.V.
Ring statistics in disordered solids: a parallel algorithm for clusters with hundred thousands of atoms

Marchenko M.A. and Sushkevich T.A.
Parallel simulation of kinetic processes by Monte Carlo method (dedicated to the memory of the Chief Theoretician of Cosmonautics academician M.V. Keldysh in the 60th anniversary of the launch of the first artificial sputnik)

Reshetova G.V. and Khachkova T.S.
A numerical method to estimate the effective elastic moduli of rocks from two- and three-dimensional digital images of rock core samples

Akimov V.S., Silaev D.P., Simonov A.S., and Semenov A.S.
Scalability study of FlowVision on the cluster with Angara interconnect

Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., and Karpenko A.G.
Numerical simulation of gas dynamic and physical-chemical processes in hypersonic flows past bodies

Grigoriev F.V., Sulimov V.B., and Tikhonravov A.V.
Mechanical losses in glassy silicon dioxide: results of atomistic simulation

Sukhinov A.I., Belova Yu.V., and Chistyakov A.E.
Solution of the matter transport problem at high Peclet numbers

Bormotin K.S.
A method for solving inverse problems of inelastic deformation of thin-walled panels

Lopato A.I. and Utkin P.S.
Specific features of mathematical modeling of flows with detonation waves on unstructured computational grids

Kokurin M.M.
Rate of convergence and error estimates for finite-difference schemes of solving linear ill-posed Cauchy problems of the second order

Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu.
The problem of choosing initial approximations in inverse problems of ultrasound tomography

Nikitin V.V., Duchkov A.A., and Andersson F.
Acceleration of seismic data processing with wave-packet decomposition using NVidia CUDA

Feskov S.V.
Validation of the recrossing-algorithms for the numerical simulations of multichannel electronic transitions to the degenerate states of an acceptor

Grachev D.A. and Mikhailov E.A.
Numerical modeling of a two-point correlator for the Lagrange solutions of some evolution equations

Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu.
Inverse problems of layer-by-layer ultrasonic tomography with the data measured on a cylindrical surface

Gol'dman N.L.
A nonlinear problem for a parabolic equation with an unknown coefficient at the time derivative and its applications in mathematical models of physico-chemical processes

Krivovichev G.V. and Marnopolskaya E.S.
Analysis and optimization of higher order explicit finite-difference schemes for the advection stage implementation in the lattice Boltzmann method

Bogachev K.Yu., Piskovskiy E.V., and Piatsky G.G.
A method for the coupled solution of the filtration problem and the system of elasticity equations

Sushnikova D.А.
Application of block low-rank matrices in Gaussian processes for regression

Mazo A.B. and Khamidullin M.R.
Accelerated explicit-implicit algorithms for the simulation of two-phase Flow toward a horizontal multistage hydraulically fractured well

Klimenok K.L. and Demianov A.Yu.
Numerical simulation of nuclear magnetic resonance in saturated porous media with consideration of phase motion

Solov'eva S.A.
A variant of the collocation method for the Fredholm integral equations of the second kind

Govorukhin V.N.
Parallel implementation of a meshfree method for calculating flows of ideal incompressible fluid

Arushanyan O.B. and Zaletkin S.F.
On solvability of a nonlinear system of equations for the Fourier-Chebyshev coefficients in the problem of solving ordinary differential equations using Chebyshev series

Ananev A.A., Lomovitskiy P.V., Uzhegov D.V., and Khlyupin A.N.
A new algorithm for the optimization of transport networks subject to constraints

Voronin M.S.
A simplified numerical method to determine the shear stress relaxation time parameters by the example of polymers

Novikov K.A.
A maximum principle for multiphase flow models

Likhachov A.V.
A new tomography method in the presence of an opaque object

Gromov A.N.
A globally convergent method for finding zeros of integer functions of finite order

Frolov A.S.
Application of the CHARM++ software model as a target platform for a domain-specific language compiler for the analysis of static graphs

Vorozhtsov E.V. and Shapeev V.P.
On combining the techniques for convergence acceleration of iteration processes during the numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equations

Chizhonkov E.V.
Artificial boundary conditions for numerical modeling of electron oscillations in plasma

Mukosey A.V. and Semenov A.S.
An approximate algorithm for choosing the optimal subset of nodes in the Angara interconnect with failures

Krivovichev G.V. and Prokhorova E.A.
Approximation viscosity of one-parameter families of lattice Boltzmann equations

Brykov N.A., Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., and Teterina I.V.
Flows of ideal and real gases in channels of variable cross section with unsteady localized energy supply

Durlevich S.R.
Computer synthesis of diffractive optical elements for forming 3D images

Danilin A.V., Solovjev A.V., and Zaitsev A.M.
A modification of the CABARET scheme for numerical simulation of one-dimensional detonation flows using a one-stage irreversible model of chemical kinetics