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Nikitin V.V., Duchkov A.A., and Andersson F.
Acceleration of seismic data processing with wave-packet decomposition using NVidia CUDA

Feskov S.V.
Validation of the recrossing-algorithms for the numerical simulations of multichannel electronic transitions to the degenerate states of an acceptor

Grachev D.A. and Mikhailov E.A.
Numerical modeling of a two-point correlator for the Lagrange solutions of some evolution equations

Goncharsky A.V., Romanov S.Yu., and Seryozhnikov S.Yu.
Inverse problems of layer-by-layer ultrasonic tomography with the data measured on a cylindrical surface

Gol'dman N.L.
A nonlinear problem for a parabolic equation with an unknown coefficient at the time derivative and its applications in mathematical models of physico-chemical processes

Krivovichev G.V. and Marnopolskaya E.S.
Analysis and optimization of higher order explicit finite-difference schemes for the advection stage implementation in the lattice Boltzmann method

Bogachev K.Yu., Piskovskiy E.V., and Piatsky G.G.
A method for the coupled solution of the filtration problem and the system of elasticity equations

Sushnikova D.А.
Application of block low-rank matrices in Gaussian processes for regression

Mazo A.B. and Khamidullin M.R.
Accelerated explicit-implicit algorithms for the simulation of two-phase Flow toward a horizontal multistage hydraulically fractured well

Klimenok K.L. and Demianov A.Yu.
Numerical simulation of nuclear magnetic resonance in saturated porous media with consideration of phase motion

Solov'eva S.A.
A variant of the collocation method for the Fredholm integral equations of the second kind

Govorukhin V.N.
Parallel implementation of a meshfree method for calculating flows of ideal incompressible fluid

Arushanyan O.B. and Zaletkin S.F.
On solvability of a nonlinear system of equations for the Fourier-Chebyshev coefficients in the problem of solving ordinary differential equations using Chebyshev series

Ananev A.A., Lomovitskiy P.V., Uzhegov D.V., and Khlyupin A.N.
A new algorithm for the optimization of transport networks subject to constraints

Voronin M.S.
A simplified numerical method to determine the shear stress relaxation time parameters by the example of polymers

Novikov K.A.
A maximum principle for multiphase flow models

Likhachov A.V.
A new tomography method in the presence of an opaque object

Gromov A.N.
A globally convergent method for finding zeros of integer functions of finite order

Frolov A.S.
Application of the CHARM++ software model as a target platform for a domain-specific language compiler for the analysis of static graphs

Vorozhtsov E.V. and Shapeev V.P.
On combining the techniques for convergence acceleration of iteration processes during the numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equations

Chizhonkov E.V.
Artificial boundary conditions for numerical modeling of electron oscillations in plasma

Mukosey A.V. and Semenov A.S.
An approximate algorithm for choosing the optimal subset of nodes in the Angara interconnect with failures

Krivovichev G.V. and Prokhorova E.A.
Approximation viscosity of one-parameter families of lattice Boltzmann equations

Brykov N.A., Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., and Teterina I.V.
Flows of ideal and real gases in channels of variable cross section with unsteady localized energy supply

Durlevich S.R.
Computer synthesis of diffractive optical elements for forming 3D images

Danilin A.V., Solovjev A.V., and Zaitsev A.M.
A modification of the CABARET scheme for numerical simulation of one-dimensional detonation flows using a one-stage irreversible model of chemical kinetics

Semisalov B.V.
A fast nonlocal algorithm for solving Neumann-Dirichlet boundary value problems with error control

Gadylshin K.G., Neklyudov D.A., and Silvestrov I.Yu.
Near surface reconstruction using the full waveform inversion method: a resolution analysis

Paradezhenko G.V., Melnikov N.B., and Reser B.I.
Spin-density correlator and its Fourier transform in the dynamic spin-fluctuation theory

Setukha A.V. and Fetisov S.N.
Peculiarities of the boundary integral equation method in the problem of electromagnetic wave scattering on ideally conducting bodies of small thickness

Grigor'ev F.V., Sulimov V.B., and Tikhonravov A.V.
Surface roughness of thin film atomistic nanometer-size clusters

Mikhailov E.A. and Pushkarev V.V.
Fluctuations of the turbulent diffusion coefficient in galaxy dynamo equations

Luk'yanenko D.V. and Panin A.A.
Blow-up phenomena in the model of a space charge stratification in semiconductors: numerical analysis of original equation reduction to a differential-algebraic system

Lisitsin D.A. and Dovgilovich L.E.
Frequency dependence simulation of electromagnetic characteristics for saturated porous media

Goncharsky A.A. and Serezhnikov S.Yu.
On a problem of the synthesis of binary nano-optical elements

Goloviznin V.M., Gorbachev D.Yu., Kolokolnikov A.M., Maiorov P.A., Maiorov P.A., and Tlepsuk B.A.
Implicit and time reversible CABARET schemes for quasilinear shallow water equations

Goloviznin V.M., Gorbachev D.Yu., Kolokolnikov A.M., Maiorov P.A., Maiorov P.A., and Tlepsuk B.A.
Time reversibility and stream correction in the CABARET scheme for the two-dimensional equation of convective transport

Mihienkova E.I., Filimonov S.A., and Dekterev A.A.
A hybrid algorithm for the joint calculation of multiscale hydraulic problems with consideration of thermal processes

Snytnikov V.N. and Stoyanovskaya O.P.
On the correctness of numerical simulation of gravitational instability with the evolution of multiple gravitational collapses

Sidorenko D.A. and Utkin P.S.
A Cartesian grid method for the numerical modeling of shock wave propagation in domains of complex shape

Stoyanovskaya O.P.
Numerical simulation of gravitational instability development and clump formation in massive circumstellar disks using integral characteristics for the interpretation of results

Sentyabov A.V., Gavrilov A.A., Krivov M.A., Dekterev A.A., and Pritula M.N.
Efficiency analysis of hydrodynamic calculations on GPU and CPU clusters

Kurnosov M.G.
Analysis and optimization of a k-chain reduction algorithm for distributed computer systems

Efimova E.S.
A study of coupling between viscoelastic parameters using the singular value decomposition analysis

Ivanov D.A.
Increasing regularity of generalized solutions to the wave equation for computing optimal boundary controls

Glasko Yu.V.
2D and 3D algorithms of introcontinuation

Gol'dman N.L.
Some control and inverse problems for linear parabolic equations

Petukhov A.A., Bogolyubov A.N., and Trubetskov M.K.
Hybrid methods for modeling waveguides containing local inhomogeneous insets of multilayer structure

Bormotin K.S., Belykh S.V., and Win Aung
Mathematical modeling of inverse multipoint forming problems in the creep mode using a reconfigurable tool

Bulat P.V., Volkov K.N., and Yakovchuk M.S.
Flow visualization with strong and weak gas dynamic discontinuities in computational fluid dynamics

Fedorov A.A. and Bykov A.N.
A method of two-level parallelization of the Thomas algorithm for solving tridiagonal linear systems on hybrid computers with multicore coprocessors

Seredkin A.V. and Tokarev M.P.
Image processing algorithms for a light-field camera and their application for optical flow diagnostics

Krivovichev G.V. and Marnopolskaya E.S.
Study of properties of a finite-difference scheme for the advection stage implementation in the lattice Boltzmann method

Valeev N.F., Martynova Yu.V., and Sultanaev Ya.T.
Solution of a model inverse spectral problem for the Sturm-Liouville operator on a graph

Kalinovskii I.A. and Spitsyn V.G.
Application of polynomial transforms for fast 2D convolutions

Logachev K.I., Averkova O.A., Logachev A.K., Tolmacheva E.I., and Gorlov A.S.
A method of numerical simulation of flow separation at the inlet of a circular thin-walled pipe

Kazakov A.L., Lempert A.A., and Nguyen H.L.
An algorithm of packing congruent circles in a multiply connected set with non-Euclidean metrics

Goloviznin V.M., Solovjev A.V., and Isakov V.A.
An approximation algorithm for the treatment of sound points in the CABARET scheme

Podryga V.O. and Polyakov S.V.
Parallel implementation of multiscale approach to the numerical study of gas microflows

Gurieva Y.L., Il'in V.P., and Perevozkin D.V.
Algebraic-geometric and information structures of domain decomposition methods

Arushanyan O.B. and Zaletkin S.F.
Approximate solution of the Cauchy problem for ordinary differential equations by the method of Chebyshev series

Levin I.I., Dordopulo A.I., Doronchenko Yu.I., Raskladkin M.K., and Fedorov A.M.
A reconfigurable computer system based on FPGAs with liquid cooling

Barkalov K.A., Lebedev I.G., Sovrasov V.V., and Sysoyev A.V.
Implementation of a parallel algorithm for searching the global extremum of a function on Intel Xeon Phi

Volkov K.N., Emelyanov V.N., Teterina I.V., and Yakovchuk M.S.
Methods and concepts of vortex flow visualization in the problems of computational fluid dynamics

Volokhov V.M., Martynenko S.I., Toktaliev P.D., Yanovskiy L.S., and Volokhov A.V.
New approaches to the development of highly efficient parallel algorithms for numerical solution of boundary value problems on structured grids

Klimonov I.A., Korneev V.D., and Sveshnikov V.M.
Parallelization technologies for solving three-dimensional boundary value problems on quasi-structured grids using the CPU+GPU hybrid computing environment

Evstigneev N.M. and Ryabkov O.I.
Application of multiGPU+CPU architecture for the direct numerical simulation of laminar-turbulent transition

Kireev I.V.
An orthogonal power method of solving the partial eigenproblem for a symmetric nonnegative definite matrix

Vorozhtsov E.V.
Construction of third-order schemes using Lagrange-Burmann expansions for the numerical integration of inviscid gas equations

Wang Y., Luk'yanenko D.V., and Yagola A.G.
Regularized inversion of full tensor magnetic gradient data

Gromov A.N.
Increasing the interval of convergence for a generalized Newton's method of solving nonlinear equations

Kalinin A.O. and Sokoloff D.D.
Intermittency of vector fields and natural random number generators